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Ce dossier contient 2242 fichiers. Toutes les chansons sont en format PDF.

Titres A-DPoids
21guns_greenday_txt.pdf437 KB
48 to go_the fray.pdf2.2 MB
500 miles.pdf30 KB
500 milles2.pdf118 KB
500 milles_the proclaimers.pdf152 KB
a big hunk of love.pdf368 KB
a hard days night_beatles_txt.pdf569 KB
a horse with no name2 – America.pdf102 KB
a horse with no name2_america_txt.pdf2.2 MB
a horse with no name3_america_txt.pdf1.9 MB
a horse with no name_america_txt.pdf731 KB
a little help from my friend_beatles_txt.pdf155 KB
a quiiter never wins_jonnylang_txt.pdf192 KB
A_big_hunk_of_love.pdf39 KB
A_Hard_Days_night.pdf32 KB
a_winter_shape_of_pale.pdf48 KB
About A Girl (1).pdf42 KB
About a girl.pdf10 KB
about a girl_nirvana_txt.pdf308 KB
aboutagirl_D_nirvana.pdf38 KB
aboutagirl_nirvana_txt.pdf308 KB
ace of spade_moterhead.pdf2.1 MB
achy breaky dance_stefcars_txt.pdf338 KB
achy breaky heart_billyraycirus_txt.pdf323 KB
achybreakydance_stefcars_txt.pdf338 KB
achybreakyheart_billyraycirus_txt.pdf323 KB
Ackhy Breaky Dance.pdf12 KB
Across_the_universe.pdf38 KB
adams song_blink182_rv63.pdf13.3 MB
Aerials_system of a down.pdf1.9 MB
Africa_.pdf47 KB
against the grain_cityandcolor_txt.pdf269 KB
Against the wind2 – Bob Seger.pdf96 KB
againstthegrain_cityandcolor_txt.pdf269 KB
agua de beber.pdf1.2 MB
aharddaysnight_beatles_txt.pdf569 KB
ahead by a century – Tragically hip.pdf68 KB
ahead by a century_tragicallyhip_txt.pdf359 KB
Ahead by century (1).pdf43 KB
Ahead by century.pdf41 KB
Ahead_By_A_Centery_-_Tragically_hip.pdf31 KB
aheadbyacentury_tragicallyhip_txt.pdf324 KB
ahorsewithnoname_america_txt.pdf731 KB
ain’t no sunshine.pdf769 KB
ain’t talk about love_Van Halen.pdf3.8 MB
Ain’t_that_a_shame-mn.pdf46 KB
aint no sunshine C#m.pdf285 KB
alberta_ericclapton_tab.pdf248 KB
alittlehelpfrommyfriend_beatles_txt.pdf155 KB
all along the watchtower_jimi hendrix.pdf5.8 MB
all by my self_celinedion_txt.pdf719 KB
All Day and All of the Night.pdf44 KB
all day and all of the night_the knight.pdf16 KB
all i wanna do is making love to you_C_heart_txt.pdf386 KB
all i wanna do is making love to you_G_heart_txt.pdf393 KB
all my loving_beatles_txt.pdf149 KB
all night long.pdf11 KB
all night long_pt.pdf14 KB
all night long_txt.pdf53 KB
all of me.pdf629 KB
all shook up.pdf407 KB
all shook up_elvis.pdf944 KB
all shook up_elvis_txt.pdf337 KB
All summer long2 – Kid Rock.pdf109 KB
all summer long_kidrock_txt.pdf789 KB
all thats left_rv89_thrice.pdf2.5 MB
All the things you are.pdf15 KB
all_I_wanna_do_is_dream.pdf36 KB
allbymyself_celinedion_txt.pdf719 KB
alliwannadoismakinglovetoyou_C_heart_txt.pdf386 KB
alliwannadoismakinglovetoyou_G_heart_txt.pdf393 KB
allmyloving_beatles_txt.pdf149 KB
allofme.pdf118 KB
allofme_std.pdf104 KB
allshookup_elvis_txt.pdf337 KB
allsummerlong_kidrock_txt.pdf789 KB
allthethingsyouare.pdf147 KB
allthethingsyouare_std.pdf125 KB
alone_Am_heart_txt.pdf352 KB
alone_Em_heart_txt.pdf387 KB
always on my mind.pdf824 KB
always on my mind_elvis.pdf769 KB
always on my mind_pt.pdf16 KB
always on my mind_willie nelson.pdf14 KB
Always_on_my_mind-C.pdf43 KB
Always_on_my_mind.pdf28 KB
amanda_boston_txt.pdf57 KB
amanda_txt.pdf57 KB
amazed_lonestar_txt.pdf599 KB
amazing grace_elvis_txt.pdf301 KB
amazinggrace_elvis_txt.pdf301 KB
american idiot – GreenDay.pdf1.5 MB
american jesus_badreligion_tab.pdf1.3 MB
American pie – Don McLean.pdf163 KB
american pie_donmcclean_txt.pdf729 KB
american trilogy.pdf830 KB
american trilogy_Bb.pdf1.0 MB
American woman.pdf63 KB
american woman_tab.pdf524 KB
American_Woman.pdf31 KB
americanjesus_badreligion_tab.pdf1.3 MB
americanpie_donmcclean_txt.pdf729 KB
americanwoman_tab.pdf524 KB
an american trilogy.pdf830 KB
an american trilogy_Bb.pdf1.0 MB
an american trilogy_elvis.pdf861 KB
and i love her_beatles_txt.pdf1.6 MB
And_I_love_you_so.pdf30 KB
andiloveher_beatles_txt.pdf198 KB
Angel of Harlem.pdf14 KB
angel of harlem_pt.pdf19 KB
angel of harlem_u2.pdf1.1 MB
angel_sarahmclachlan_txt.pdf389 KB
angel_srhamclachlan_txt.pdf389 KB
angelie_toyo_txt.pdf663 KB
Angie2 – Rolling Stones.pdf117 KB
angie_part.pdf663 KB
angie_rollingstone_txt.pdf991 KB
Annie’s_Song.pdf35 KB
annies song_C_johndenver_txt.pdf141 KB
annies song_D_johndenver_txt.pdf141 KB
anniessong_C_johndenver_txt.pdf141 KB
anniessong_D_johndenver_txt.pdf141 KB
another brick in the wall.pdf344 KB
another brick in the wall_bass_pink floyd.pdf807 KB
another day in paradise_philcolins_txt.pdf393 KB
another midnight_tragicallyhip_txt.pdf342 KB
Another_Brick_in_The_Wall.pdf47 KB
Another_Saturday_night.pdf40 KB
anotherdayinparadise_philcolins_txt.pdf393 KB
anothermidnight_tragicallyhip_txt.pdf342 KB
any man of mine_shaniatwain_txt.pdf366 KB
anymanofmine_shaniatwain_txt.pdf366 KB
apologize_tab_one republic.pdf283 KB
aquiiterneverwins_jonnylang_txt.pdf192 KB
are you gonna be my girl_jet.pdf2.6 MB
as tears go by_rollingstone_txt.pdf179 KB
astearsgoby_rollingstone_txt.pdf179 KB
at Last – F.pdf401 KB
at last.pdf587 KB
atomic punk_van halen.pdf2.8 MB
Ayo technologie2 – Milow.pdf82 KB
ayo technologie2_milow_txt.pdf284 KB
ayo technologie_milow_txt.pdf773 KB
ayo technology.pdf687 KB
ayotechnologie2_milow_txt.pdf284 KB
ayotechnologie_millow_txt.pdf773 KB
ayotechnologie_milow_txt.pdf773 KB
Babe i m gonna leave you_rv193_led zeppelin.pdf20.5 MB
Baby can I hold you2 – Tracy Chapman.pdf53 KB
baby can i hold you_tracy chapman.pdf402 KB
Baby I Love Your Way – Peter Frampton.pdf492 KB
back for a taste of your love_jonnylang_txt.pdf218 KB
back in black2_acdc.pdf3.0 MB
back in black_acdc.pdf2.9 MB
back to good_matchbox20_txt.pdf433 KB
Back to you_Bb_bryan adams.pdf58 KB
back to you_bryanadams_txt.pdf386 KB
back to you_pt.pdf23 KB
backforatasteofyourlove_jonnylang_txt.pdf218 KB
backmagicwoman_santana_txt.pdf687 KB
backtogood_matchbox20_txt.pdf433 KB
backtoyou_bryanadams_txt.pdf386 KB
bad case of loving you.pdf860 KB
bad case of loving you_pt.pdf21 KB
bad case of loving you_robertpalmer_txt.pdf964 KB
Bad moon Rising.pdf43 KB
bad moon rising_C.pdf12 KB
bad moon rising_ccr.pdf328 KB
bad moon rising_ccr_txt.pdf326 KB
Bad To The Bone.pdf49 KB
bad to the bone_std.pdf46 KB
Bad_Moon_Rising-D.pdf36 KB
Bad_Moon_Rising-E.pdf37 KB
Bad_Moon_Rising.pdf38 KB
badcaseoflovingyou_robertpalmer_txt.pdf964 KB
badmoonrising_ccr_txt.pdf326 KB
badtothebone.pdf50 KB
badtothebone_std.pdf46 KB
balls to the wall_rv183_accept.pdf14.7 MB
bamboleo_gypsyking_txt.pdf1.6 MB
Banana Pancakes.pdf49 KB
Banana Pancakes2 – Jack Johnson.pdf120 KB
banana pancakes_jackjohnson_txt.pdf491 KB
banana pencakes_jackjohnson.pdf882 KB
Banana_Pancakes.pdf47 KB
bananapancakes_jackjohnson_txt.pdf458 KB
bananapencakes_jackjohnson.pdf882 KB
bang bang_Bb_mani.pdf606 KB
bang bang_fr_mani.pdf545 KB
bang bang_G_mani.pdf642 KB
Basket Case.pdf19 KB
basket case_greenday.pdf1.1 MB
basket case_greenday_tab.pdf139 KB
Basket_case.pdf41 KB
basketcase_greenday_tab.pdf139 KB
be like that_3doorsdown_txt.pdf501 KB
beat it _rv192_michael jackson.pdf1.9 MB
beat it_solo_michael Jackson.pdf1.1 MB
beautiful life_lindsaylohan_txt.pdf337 KB
beautifullife_lindsaylohan_txt.pdf337 KB
beautifully broken_ashleesimpson_txt.pdf208 KB
beautifullybroken_ashleesimpson_txt.pdf208 KB
because of you.pdf755 KB
because you love me_celinedion_txt.pdf300 KB
becauseyouloveme_celinedion_txt.pdf300 KB
Bed of roses.pdf87 KB
bed of roses_bon jovi.pdf689 KB
Bed Of Roses_G – Bon Jovi.pdf20 KB
Beds_are_Burning.pdf45 KB
Before you accuse me.pdf43 KB
before you accused me_eric clapton.pdf511 KB
before you accused me_ericclapton_txt.pdf477 KB
beforeyouaccusedme_ericclapton_txt.pdf477 KB
begin the beguin_patrick norman.pdf1.0 MB
behind blue eye_limpbizkit_txt.pdf535 KB
behindblueeye_limpbizkit_txt.pdf535 KB
believe_eltonjoh_Em_txt.pdf238 KB
believe_eltonjoh_Gm_txt.pdf250 KB
belikethat_3doorsdown_txt.pdf501 KB
bessies blues.pdf87 KB
bessies blues_std.pdf71 KB
bessiesblues.pdf87 KB
bessiesblues_std.pdf71 KB
best of my love2 – Eagles.pdf426 KB
best of my love2_eagles_txt.pdf739 KB
best of my love_eagles_txt.pdf755 KB
Better Be home soon.pdf15 KB
better be home soon_crowdhouse_txt.pdf162 KB
Better_Be_Home_Soon.pdf37 KB
betterbehomesoon_crowdhouse_txt.pdf162 KB
beverly hills_weezer_txt.pdf408 KB
beverlyhills_weezer_txt.pdf408 KB
bibliotheque drummomd.pdf1.0 MB
big log_robertplant_txt.pdf330 KB
Big me.pdf38 KB
big me_foofighters_txt.pdf25 KB
biglog_robertplant_txt.pdf330 KB
bigme_foofighters_txt.pdf238 KB
Billy_jeans.pdf31 KB
black dog_led zeppelin.pdf4.2 MB
black dog_led zeppelin_rv203.pdf4.2 MB
black horse and cherry tree_kttunstall_txt.pdf397 KB
black magic woman_pt.pdf17 KB
black magic woman_rv117_santana.pdf4.1 MB
black magic woman_rv165_santana.pdf4.3 MB
black magic woman_santana_txt.pdf693 KB
black orpheus.pdf140 KB
black orpheus_std.pdf117 KB
black velvet.pdf612 KB
black velvet_allanahmyles_txt.pdf355 KB
Black_Magic_Woman (2).pdf42 KB
Black_Magic_Woman.pdf40 KB
Black_velvet.pdf53 KB
Black_velvet_-_Rosa.pdf33 KB
Blackbird – Beatles.pdf27 KB
Blackbird_.pdf40 KB
blackbird_Beatles.pdf61 KB
blackbird_beatles_tab.pdf724 KB
blackbird_beatles_txt.pdf294 KB
blackbirds_beatles.pdf546 KB
blackhorseandcherrytree_kttunstall_txt.pdf397 KB
blackmagicwoman_santana_txt.pdf693 KB
blackorpheus.pdf140 KB
blackorpheus_std.pdf117 KB
blackvelvet_allanahmyles_txt.pdf355 KB
blessed_eltonjohn_txt.pdf293 KB
blister in the sun.pdf626 KB
Blitzrieg_ramones.pdf9.0 MB
Blow At High Dough.pdf87 KB
blow at high dough_tragically hip.pdf4.3 MB
blow at the high dough_pt.pdf31 KB
blowing in the wind_bobdyland_txt.pdf217 KB
blowinginthewind_bobdyland_txt.pdf217 KB
blue bossa.pdf93 KB
blue bossa_std.pdf78 KB
Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley.pdf57 KB
Blue Christmas.pdf110 KB
Blue Christmas_elvis presley.pdf131 KB
Blue Skies Bb SAx.pdf19 KB
Blue Skies.pdf19 KB
Blue sky.pdf549 KB
Blue suede shoes – Elvis Presley.pdf45 KB
blue suede shoes.pdf449 KB
Blue suede shoes_Elvis Presley.pdf20 KB
Blue_moon_of_Kentuky.pdf43 KB
Blue_moon_of_kentuky2.pdf35 KB
bluebossa.pdf93 KB
bluebossa_std.pdf78 KB
blues berry hills_fatsdomino_txt.pdf157 KB
blues christmas_elvis.pdf8.4 MB
Blues Power.pdf34 KB
bluesberryhills_fatsdomino_txt.pdf157 KB
bluesette.pdf118 KB
bluesette_std.pdf104 KB
Bobcaygeon (2).pdf45 KB
Bobcaygeon.pdf45 KB
Bobcaygeon_tragically hip (2).pdf59 KB
Bobcaygeon_tragically hip.pdf27 KB
bobcaygeon_tragicallyhip_txt.pdf307 KB
bobepine_plume_tab.pdf238 KB
body in a box_cityandcolor_txt.pdf324 KB
bodyinabox_cityandcolor_txt.pdf324 KB
bohemienne_marjo_txt.pdf710 KB
Boots of hearts.pdf53 KB
Boots_Of_Hearts_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf25 KB
Born to be wild.pdf19 KB
born to be wild_pt.pdf22 KB
born to be wild_steppenwolf_tab.pdf514 KB
Born_in_usa-G.pdf21 KB
Born_To_Be_Wild.pdf46 KB
borntobewild_steppenwolf_tab.pdf514 KB
boulevard of broken dream_revue117_greenday.pdf2.3 MB
boulvevard of broken dreams_greenday_txt.pdf473 KB
boulvevardofbrokendreams_greenday_txt.pdf440 KB
Boys_of_summer_-_Don_Henley capo 5.pdf39 KB
Boys_of_summer_-_Don_Henley.pdf36 KB
Break on Throught.pdf11 KB
break on trough – the doors.pdf51 KB
Break on trough.pdf614 KB
bring me to life_evanescence_txt.pdf343 KB
bringmetolife_evanescence_txt.pdf343 KB
brisa del mar_kenny_tab.pdf244 KB
brisadelmar_kenny_tab.pdf244 KB
bro hymn_pennywyse_tab.pdf143 KB
brohymn_pennywyse_tab.pdf143 KB
broken arrow_rodstewart_txt.pdf375 KB
broken road_bobby bazini.pdf1.9 MB
broken_seether_txt.pdf423 KB
brokenarrow_rodstewart_txt.pdf375 KB
brown Eyed Girl_tea fo two.pdf138 KB
brown eyed girl_vanmorrisson_txt.pdf2.4 MB
Brown_eyed_girl.pdf47 KB
Brown_Sugar.pdf45 KB
browneyedgirl_vanmorrisson_txt.pdf326 KB
bruises_train.pdf2.9 MB
budapest – George Ezra.pdf116 KB
Budapest.pdf198 KB
building a mystery_sarahmclachlan_txt.pdf335 KB
buildingamystery_sarahmclachlan_txt.pdf335 KB
burning love.pdf451 KB
burning love_elvis.pdf399 KB
burning love_elvis_txt.pdf282 KB
Burning_Love (2).pdf41 KB
Burning_Love.pdf36 KB
burninglove_elvis_txt.pdf282 KB
Bus stop – The Hollies.pdf364 KB
but i do love you.pdf740 KB
but i migt die tonight_catstevens_txt.pdf184 KB
butimigtdietonight_catstevens_txt.pdf184 KB
butter fly fly away_mileycyrus_txt.pdf206 KB
butterflyflyaway_mileycyrus_txt.pdf206 KB
by the way_theoryofdeadman_txt.pdf279 KB
Bye_Bye_Love.pdf43 KB
BYOB_system of a down.pdf2.3 MB
bytheway_theoryofdeadman_txt.pdf279 KB
Calendar_Girl.pdf45 KB
california blue_sweetpeople_txt.pdf303 KB
california dreaming_mamas and the papas.pdf15.6 MB
california dreaming_mamaspapas_txt.pdf198 KB
californiablue_sweetpeople_txt.pdf303 KB
californiacation_rv47_red hot chili peper.pdf17.4 MB
californiadreaming_mamaspapas_txt.pdf198 KB
californication_redhotchilipeper_txt.pdf712 KB
can you feel the love tonight_eltonjohn_txt.pdf653 KB
Can’t_Help_Falling_in_Love.pdf45 KB
candle in the wind_eltonjohn_txt.pdf352 KB
candleinthewind_eltonjohn_txt.pdf352 KB
cant buy me love_beatles_txt.pdf277 KB
cant hel falling in love.pdf431 KB
cant help fallin in love with you_elvis.pdf388 KB
cant help falling in love_elvis_txt.pdf134 KB
cant keep it in_catsetvens_txt.pdf287 KB
cant stop rock n roll_acdc_tab.pdf488 KB
cant stop this thing we started_bryanadams_txt.pdf322 KB
cantbuymelove_beatles_txt.pdf277 KB
canthelpfallinginlove_elvis_txt.pdf134 KB
cantkeepitin_catsetvens_txt.pdf287 KB
cantstoprocknroll_acdc_tab.pdf488 KB
cantstopthisthingwestarted_bryanadams_txt.pdf322 KB
canyoufeelthelovetonight_eltonjohn_txt.pdf653 KB
Careless_Whisper.pdf36 KB
Carolina_in_My_Mind.pdf37 KB
carry on wayward son_rv192_kansas.pdf17.8 MB
cat scratch fever_rv160_ted nugent.pdf14.1 MB
cats in the cradle_uglykidjoe_txt.pdf345 KB
catsinthecradle_uglykidjoe_txt.pdf345 KB
Chain Of Fools – Lead Sheet.pdf64 KB
Chain of Fools Bb Sax.pdf27 KB
Chain of Fools.pdf27 KB
Chain_of_Fools-mustang_sally.pdf26 KB
Chain_of_Fools.pdf22 KB
chambre a louer_plume_txt.pdf352 KB
chambrealouer_plume_txt.pdf352 KB
Chances are2 – Garrett Hedlund.pdf52 KB
change it_stevierayvaugh_txt.pdf266 KB
change the world_ericclapton_txt.pdf400 KB
changeit_stevierayvaugh_txt.pdf266 KB
changetheworld_ericclapton_txt.pdf400 KB
City_Of_Angel.pdf29 KB
claps your hands.pdf14 KB
claps your hands_pt.pdf14 KB
claps your hands_txt.pdf346 KB
clapsyourhands_txt.pdf346 KB
classical gas_masonwilliam_tab.pdf4.3 MB
classicalgas_masonwilliam_tab.pdf4.3 MB
close to heaven_pepenidagistino_tab.pdf1.3 MB
closer to fine_indigogirls_txt.pdf983 KB
closertofine_indigogirls_txt.pdf983 KB
closetoheaven_pepenidagistino_tab.pdf1.3 MB
closing time_semisonic_txt.pdf711 KB
Closing_Time.pdf40 KB
closingtime_semisonic_txt.pdf711 KB
club at the end of the street_eltonjohn_txt.pdf651 KB
clubattheendofthestreet_eltonjohn_txt.pdf651 KB
cocaine – clapton.pdf31 KB
Cocaine.pdf45 KB
cocaine_ericclapton_txt.pdf724 KB
cocaine_std.pdf47 KB
collide_howie day.pdf1.2 MB
color my world_chicago_txt.pdf296 KB
colormyworld_chicago_txt.pdf296 KB
Come as you are.pdf44 KB
come as you are_nirvana.pdf1.6 MB
come as you are_std.pdf41 KB
come as you are_txt_nirvana.pdf27 KB
come on feel the noise_quietriot_tab.pdf1.8 MB
come Together – Beatles.pdf115 KB
Come Together.pdf74 KB
come together_A_beatles.pdf758 KB
Come_As_You_Are.pdf43 KB
comeasyouare.pdf48 KB
comeasyouare_std.pdf41 KB
comeonfeelthenoise_quietriot_tab.pdf1.8 MB
comes a time_neilyoung_txt.pdf504 KB
comesatime_neilyoung_txt.pdf504 KB
comfortablenumb_pinkfloyd_txt.pdf2.8 MB
comfortably numb_pinkfloyd_txt.pdf2.8 MB
complicated_avrillavigne_txt.pdf763 KB
Confortably numb .pdf28 KB
Confortably numb.pdf35 KB
confortably numb_pink floyd.pdf4 KB
confortably numb_pinkfloyd_txt.pdf2.8 MB
Confortably_Numb (2).pdf41 KB
Confortably_Numb.pdf39 KB
consider me gone_rebamcentire_txt.pdf201 KB
consider me_rebamcentire_txt.pdf606 KB
considerme_rebamcentire_txt.pdf606 KB
considermegone_rebamcentire_txt.pdf201 KB
could you be loves_bobmarley_txt.pdf504 KB
couldyoubeloves_bobmarley_txt.pdf504 KB
country roads_johndenver_txt.pdf601 KB
Country_Roads.pdf31 KB
countryroads_johndenver_txt.pdf601 KB
Courage_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf55 KB
cowboy casanova.pdf725 KB
crawling_rv57_linkin park.pdf1.6 MB
crazy – patsy cline -E.pdf27 KB
Crazy .pdf12 KB
Crazy little thing called love.pdf30 KB
crazy little thing called love_queen.pdf653 KB
crazy little thing called love_queen_txt.pdf620 KB
crazy on you_heart_txt.pdf777 KB
crazy train – Ozzy Osbourne.pdf3.3 MB
Crazy-B-C-Patsy.pdf49 KB
Crazy-Barkley.pdf28 KB
Crazy-Patsy.pdf45 KB
Crazy.pdf25 KB
crazy_gnarles barkley.pdf502 KB
Crazy_On_You.pdf64 KB
crazy_simpleplan_txt.pdf640 KB
crazylittlethingcalledlove_queen_txt.pdf620 KB
crazyonyou_heart_txt.pdf588 KB
Creep (2).pdf44 KB
Creep-C.pdf40 KB
Creep.pdf40 KB
creep_D- Radiohead.pdf399 KB
creep_E – radiohead.pdf392 KB
creep_radiohead.pdf519 KB
creep_stonetemplepilot_txt.pdf812 KB
cruel to be kind_tab.pdf424 KB
crueltobekind_tab.pdf424 KB
Cry_to_Me.pdf35 KB
crying_aerosmith_txt.pdf685 KB
crying_royorbison_txt.pdf309 KB
Cum_on_Feel_The_Noise.pdf28 KB
cuts like a knife_bryanadams_txt.pdf591 KB
cutslikeaknife_bryanadams_txt.pdf591 KB
dance with me_orleans.pdf2.6 MB
Dancing_in_the_dark.pdf41 KB
Daniel_.pdf40 KB
darker side__jonnylang_txt.pdf390 KB
darkerside__jonnylang_txt.pdf390 KB
darling_D_rochvoisine_txt.pdf507 KB
darling_E_rochvoisine_txt.pdf472 KB
darling_roch voisine.pdf507 KB
Darlyn_C_roch voisine.pdf2.0 MB
Day old hate_city and color.pdf643 KB
day tripper.pdf44 KB
day tripper_std.pdf40 KB
daytripper.pdf44 KB
daytripper_std.pdf40 KB
dear mr president_pink.pdf713 KB
deliver me_rochvoisine_txt.pdf549 KB
deliverme_rochvoisine_txt.pdf549 KB
detroit rock city_kiss.pdf3.1 MB
devotion and desirer_bayside_tab.pdf2.2 MB
devotionanddesirer_bayside_tab.pdf2.2 MB
diana_paulanka_txt.pdf470 KB
different day_stateofshock_txt.pdf625 KB
differentday_stateofshock_txt.pdf625 KB
diobi dioba_gypsykings_txt.pdf319 KB
diobidioba_gypsykings_txt.pdf319 KB
dirty and left out_thealmost_txt.pdf395 KB
dirtyandleftout_thealmost_txt.pdf395 KB
Do you love me.pdf127 KB
do you love me_the contours.pdf129 KB
Do_you_love_me.pdf37 KB
Don’t be cruel.pdf42 KB
Don’t dream it’s over.pdf16 KB
don’t let me down.pdf350 KB
don’t stop believing_journey.pdf1.1 MB
don’t you forget about me_pt.pdf32 KB
Don’t_be_cruel-mn.pdf39 KB
Don’t_know_why.pdf44 KB
Don’t_Stop.pdf46 KB
Don’t_stop_believin.pdf47 KB
Don’t_stop_believin_A.pdf46 KB
Don’t_stop_believin_G.pdf46 KB
Don’t_you_forget_about_me.pdf39 KB
dont be cruel_elvis presley.pdf532 KB
dont be cruel_elvis_txt.pdf529 KB
dont fear the reaper_blue oyster cult.pdf3.4 MB
dont go away_oasis_txt.pdf889 KB
dont know why.pdf458 KB
dont know why_norahjones_txt.pdf456 KB
dont panic_coldplay_txt.pdf960 KB
dont speak_no dout.pdf666 KB
dont speak_nodoubt_txt.pdf1.0 MB
Dont stop believin2 – Journey.pdf123 KB
dont stop dancing_creed_txt.pdf613 KB
Dont you forget about me.pdf47 KB
dontbecruel_elvis_txt.pdf529 KB
dontgoaway_oasis_txt.pdf889 KB
dontknowwhy_norahjones_txt.pdf456 KB
dontpanic_coldplay_txt.pdf960 KB
dontspeak_nodoubt_txt.pdf1.0 MB
dontstopdancing_creed_txt.pdf613 KB
douvienstubergere.pdf72 KB
down on the corner_ccr_txt.pdf587 KB
downonthecorner_ccr_txt.pdf587 KB
dream lover_bobbydarin_txt.pdf321 KB
dreamer_ozzyosbourne_txt.pdf1.0 MB
dreamlover_bobbydarin_txt.pdf321 KB
Dreams_.pdf17 KB
drive my car_beatles_txt.pdf561 KB
Drive_my_car.pdf56 KB
drivemycar_beatles_txt.pdf561 KB
drops of jupiter_train_txt.pdf782 KB
dropsofjupiter_train_txt.pdf782 KB
dust in the wind.pdf297 KB
dust in the wind_kansas_tab.pdf297 KB
dust in the wind_kansas_txt.pdf64 KB
dust in the wind_txt.pdf64 KB
dustinthewind.pdf297 KB
dustinthewind_kansas_tab.pdf297 KB
dustinthewind_kansas_txt.pdf64 KB
dustinthewind_txt.pdf64 KB
dyer maker_sherylcrow_txt.pdf633 KB
Dyer_Maker.pdf32 KB
dyermaker_sherylcrow_txt.pdf633 KB


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Titres E-HPoids
E Uassiuian_kashtin.pdf2Retour en haut.0 MB
early monrning rain.pdf484 KB
Earth Angel – The Temptation.pdf228 KB
Edd Tide_Patrick Norman.pdf48 KB
eight days a week.pdf110 KB
eight days a week_beatles_txt.pdf571 KB
eight days a week_std.pdf91 KB
Eight_Days_a_week-C.pdf40 KB
Eight_Days_a_week.pdf40 KB
eightdaysaweek.pdf110 KB
eightdaysaweek_beatles_txt.pdf571 KB
eightdaysaweek_std.pdf91 KB
el amor.pdf568 KB
Elle King Ex’s and Oh’s.pdf26 KB
Elle King.pdf26 KB
English_man_in_new-york.pdf35 KB
Enjoy the silence.pdf47 KB
enjoy the silence_pt.pdf42 KB
Enjoy_The_silence.pdf39 KB
enter sandman_metallica.pdf3.0 MB
every breathe you take_thepoloce_tab.pdf4.6 MB
every little bit hurts.pdf764 KB
every part of me_samroberts_txt.pdf1.9 MB
every rose has its thorn_poison_txt.pdf1.8 MB
Every_Breath_You_Take-pierre.pdf33 KB
every_little_bit_hurt.pdf941 KB
Everybody Hurts.pdf23 KB
everybody hurts_rem_txt.pdf1.7 MB
Everybody_Hurts.pdf48 KB
Everybody_somebody_fool.pdf44 KB
everybodyhurts_rem_txt.pdf1.7 MB
everybreatheyoutake_thepoloce_tab.pdf4.6 MB
everypartofme_samroberts_txt.pdf1.9 MB
everyrosehasitsthorn_poison_txt.pdf1.8 MB
everything burns_anastacia_txt.pdf1.8 MB
everything changes_staind_txt.pdf1.7 MB
everything i do i do it for you_bryanadams_txt.pdf1.4 MB
everything i own_rodstewart_txt.pdf1.7 MB
everythingburns_anastacia_txt.pdf1.8 MB
everythingchanges_staind_txt.pdf1.7 MB
everythingidoidoitforyou_bryanadams_txt.pdf1.4 MB
everythingiown_rodstewart_txt.pdf1.7 MB
evil ways_santana_txt.pdf927 KB
evilways_santana_txt.pdf927 KB
Ex’s and Oh’s.pdf123 KB
exs and ohs_rv152_atreyu.pdf20.1 MB
eye of the tiger_std.pdf46 KB
eye of the tiger_thesurvivor_Am_txt.pdf2.2 MB
eye of the tiger_thesurvivor_Cm_txt.pdf2.0 MB
eye of thetiger.pdf53 KB
Eye_Of_The_Tiger.pdf57 KB
eyeofthetiger.pdf53 KB
eyeofthetiger_std.pdf46 KB
eyeofthetiger_thesurvivor_Am_txt.pdf2.2 MB
eyeofthetiger_thesurvivor_Cm_txt.pdf2.0 MB
face to face_stevienicks_txt.pdf1.8 MB
facetoface_stevienicks_txt.pdf1.8 MB
fade to black_metallica.pdf5.6 MB
fairytale.pdf817 KB
fairytale_elvis.pdf729 KB
Faith (2).pdf15 KB
faith.pdf600 KB
Faith_.pdf40 KB
fall back down_rancid_txt.pdf1.6 MB
fallbackdown_rancid_txt.pdf1.6 MB
Fast_Car.pdf47 KB
Father and son.pdf1.6 MB
father and son2 – cat steven.pdf137 KB
Father and son2 – Cat Stevens.pdf109 KB
Father and son_cat steven.pdf70 KB
father and son_cat steven_tab.pdf308 KB
father and son_catsteven_part.pdf2.5 MB
father and son_catsteven_solo.pdf951 KB
father and son_catsteven_solotab.pdf1.4 MB
father and son_catsteven_txt.pdf72 KB
Father and son_teafortwo.pdf39 KB
Father on the go2 – Kevin Parent.pdf100 KB
father on the go2_kevinparent_txt.pdf1.6 MB
father on the go_kevinparent_solotab.pdf1.5 MB
father on the go_kevinparent_txt.pdf633 KB
Father_and_Son.pdf48 KB
fatherandson_cat steven_tab.pdf308 KB
fatherandson_catsteven_part.pdf2.5 MB
fatherandson_catsteven_solo.pdf951 KB
fatherandson_catsteven_solotab.pdf1.4 MB
fatherandson_catsteven_txt.pdf72 KB
Feeling_.pdf31 KB
Feels like home2 – Bobby Bazini.pdf95 KB
fever.pdf605 KB
fiddlers green_tragicallyhip_tab.pdf1.3 MB
fiddlers green_tragicallyhip_txt.pdf1.3 MB
fiddlersgreen_tragicallyhip_tab.pdf1.3 MB
fiddlersgreen_tragicallyhip_txt.pdf1.3 MB
fields of gold.pdf962 KB
fields of gold_capo7_evacassidy.pdf314 KB
Fields of gold_eva cassidy.pdf603 KB
fields of gold_evacassidy_tab.pdf3.0 MB
Fields of gold_G_eva cassidy.pdf603 KB
fields of gold_G_tab.pdf962 KB
fieldsofgold_capo7_evacassidy_txt.pdf314 KB
fieldsofgold_evacassidy_tab.pdf3.0 MB
fiels of gold_chords.pdf473 KB
fiesta delsol_vinnyvehkavaara_tab.pdf1.7 MB
fiestadelsol_vinnyvehkavaara_tab.pdf1.7 MB
fifteen_taylor swift.pdf966 KB
Fildder’s Green – tragically hip.pdf34 KB
fill my eyes_catstevens_txt.pdf1.2 MB
fillmyeyes_catstevens_txt.pdf1.2 MB
fine and mellow.pdf261 KB
fire_pointer sister.pdf455 KB
Firework.pdf57 KB
fly me to the moon Bm7.pdf20 KB
Fly me to the moon-Bm7.pdf35 KB
fly me to the moon.pdf678 KB
fly me to the moon_pt.pdf20 KB
Follow me down – Ladies of the Canyon.pdf429 KB
Follow_You_Follow_Me.pdf33 KB
Folsom Prison Blues – Lead Sheet.pdf60 KB
Folsom Prison Blues.pdf21 KB
folsom Prison Blues_johnny cash.pdf308 KB
folsom prison blues_johnnycash_txt.pdf1.8 MB
Folsom_Prison_Blues-Fd.pdf24 KB
folsomprisonblues_johnnycash_txt.pdf1.8 MB
Footloose (2).pdf26 KB
Footloose.pdf52 KB
footloose_kenny loggins.pdf11.5 MB
footloose_kennyloggins_tab.pdf3.5 MB
footloose_kennyloggins_txt.pdf1.1 MB
for whom the bell tolls_rv147_metallica.pdf2.1 MB
Forever – John Michael Mongomery.pdf414 KB
forever_michael mongomery.pdf660 KB
Fragile – Am.pdf357 KB
fragile.pdf366 KB
fragile_Am_sting.pdf368 KB
fragile_Em_sting.pdf342 KB
fragile_sting_txt.pdf862 KB
Free falling2 – Tom Petty.pdf88 KB
free falling_tompetty_txt.pdf649 KB
Free_Falling.pdf29 KB
freefalling_tompetty_txt.pdf649 KB
Friends in low place2 – Garth Brooks.pdf101 KB
friends in low place_gart brooks.pdf2.1 MB
friends in low place_gartbrooks_txt.pdf2.1 MB
Friends in low places.pdf29 KB
friendsinlowplace_gartbrooks_txt.pdf2.1 MB
from this moment.pdf22 KB
from this moment_shaniatwain_tab.pdf3.0 MB
from this moment_shaniatwain_txt.pdf1.7 MB
fromthismoment_shaniatwain_tab.pdf3.0 MB
fromthismoment_shaniatwain_txt.pdf1.7 MB
fucking perfect_pink.pdf690 KB
Fuel To burn Bb SAx.pdf28 KB
fuel to burn.pdf29 KB
gate 22_pascalepicard_Am_txt.pdf2.5 MB
gate 22_pascalepicard_Cdm_txt.pdf2.3 MB
gate22_pascalepicard_Am_txt.pdf2.5 MB
gate22_pascalepicard_Cdm_txt.pdf2.3 MB
get back_beatles_txt.pdf1.6 MB
get stoned_hinder_rv151.pdf2.7 MB
get together – Young Bloods.pdf122 KB
Get together.pdf46 KB
Get_Back.pdf45 KB
Get_Together.pdf39 KB
getback_beatles_txt.pdf1.6 MB
ghost rider in the sky_johnnycash_tab.pdf1.2 MB
ghost rider in the sky_johnnycash_txt.pdf1.5 MB
ghost rider in the sky_patricknorman_tab.pdf2.5 MB
ghostriderinthesky_johnnycash_tab.pdf1.2 MB
ghostriderinthesky_johnnycash_txt.pdf1.5 MB
ghostriderinthesky_patricknorman_tab.pdf2.5 MB
gift_seeteher_txt.pdf1.5 MB
Gift_Shop_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf30 KB
girl_beatles_txt.pdf828 KB
Give a little bit.pdf46 KB
Give a little bit2 – Supertramp.pdf110 KB
give a little bit2_supertramp.pdf835 KB
give a little bit_supertramp.pdf46 KB
give a little bit_supertramp_tab.pdf555 KB
give a little bit_supertramp_txt.pdf46 KB
give a little bite.pdf604 KB
give it all_rise against.pdf83 KB
give me one reason.pdf11 KB
give me one reason_tracychapman_solo_tab.pdf1.4 MB
givealittlebit2_supertramp.pdf835 KB
givealittlebit_supertramp.pdf555 KB
givealittlebit_supertramp_tab.pdf555 KB
givealittlebite_supertramp_txt.pdf1.9 MB
givealittlebitsupertramp_txt.pdf46 KB
givemeonereason_tracychapman_solo_tab.pdf1.4 MB
glap_tylerhilton_txt.pdf1.6 MB
good golly miss molly_ccr_tab.pdf2.6 MB
Good Riddance.pdf29 KB
Good riddance2 – Greenday.pdf101 KB
good to the last drop_helix_txt.pdf2.0 MB
goodgollymissmolly_ccr_tab.pdf2.6 MB
goodtothelastdrop_helix_txt.pdf2.0 MB
gracias a la vida_mercedessosa_txt.pdf1.2 MB
graciasalavida_mercedessosa_txt.pdf1.2 MB
Grease_.pdf34 KB
Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis.pdf25 KB
Great balls of fire.pdf42 KB
Great_Balls_of_fire-mn.pdf41 KB
Green_River.pdf54 KB
half the man i used to be_nirvana_txt.pdf1.4 MB
halfthemaniusedtobe_nirvana_txt.pdf1.4 MB
Hallelujah – Alexandra Burke.pdf58 KB
Hallelujah – Rufus Wainwright.pdf185 KB
Hallelujah .pdf15 KB
Hallelujah-C-pierre.pdf43 KB
Hallelujah-F.pdf51 KB
Hallelujah.pdf43 KB
hallelujah_katevoegele_txt.pdf1.9 MB
hallow be thy name_ironmaiden_tab.pdf2.6 MB
hallowbethyname_ironmaiden_tab.pdf2.6 MB
Hand in my pocket.pdf30 KB
hand in my pocket_alanismorissette_txt.pdf1.5 MB
handinmypocket_alanismorissette_txt.pdf1.5 MB
hands up_hedley_txt.pdf2.1 MB
handsup_hedley_txt.pdf2.4 MB
Happy Christmas war is over.pdf42 KB
Happy Christmas_acc_D.pdf40 KB
happy day.pdf399 KB
happy day_C.pdf323 KB
happy day_elvis.pdf362 KB
happy xmas.pdf121 KB
Happy Xmas2_John Lennon.pdf97 KB
happy xmas_D_tab.pdf98 KB
Happy xmas_D_txt_john lennon.pdf74 KB
happy xmas_johnlennon_A_2std.pdf1.4 MB
happy xmas_johnlennon_A_2txt.pdf1.6 MB
happy xmas_johnlennon_A_std.pdf1.4 MB
happy xmas_johnlennon_A_txt.pdf1.3 MB
happy xmas_johnlennon_G_2txt.pdf1.5 MB
happy xmas_johnlennon_G_txt.pdf1.2 MB
happy xmas_std.pdf102 KB
happy xmas_txt.pdf35 KB
happy_nevershoutnever_txt.pdf1.9 MB
Happy_Xmas.pdf38 KB
happyxmas.pdf121 KB
happyxmas_johnlennon_A_2std.pdf1.4 MB
happyxmas_johnlennon_A_2txt.pdf1.6 MB
happyxmas_johnlennon_A_std.pdf1.4 MB
happyxmas_johnlennon_A_txt.pdf1.3 MB
happyxmas_johnlennon_G_2txt.pdf1.5 MB
happyxmas_johnlennon_G_txt.pdf1.2 MB
happyxmas_std.pdf102 KB
happyxmas_txt.pdf35 KB
Hard Headed woman.pdf47 KB
hard Headed woman_cat stevens.pdf88 KB
hard headed woman_catsteven_txt.pdf1.5 MB
hard luck woman_garthbrooks_tab.pdf1.6 MB
hard luck woman_garthbrooks_txt.pdf1.4 MB
Hard out here2 – Garrett Hedlund.pdf39 KB
Hard_headed_woman.pdf47 KB
Hard_Sun.pdf40 KB
hardheadedwoman_catsteven_txt.pdf1.5 MB
hardluckwoman_garthbrooks_tab.pdf1.6 MB
hardluckwoman_garthbrooks_txt.pdf1.4 MB
Harvest moon2 – Neil Young.pdf118 KB
harvest moon2_neilyoung_txt.pdf635 KB
harvest moon_neilyoung_txt.pdf346 KB
harvestmoon2_neilyoung_txt.pdf635 KB
harvestmoon_neilyoung_txt.pdf346 KB
have a drink on me_acdc.pdf3.3 MB
Have you ever seen the rain (2).pdf17 KB
Have You Ever Seen the Rain.pdf40 KB
have you ever seen the rain2.pdf391 KB
have you ever seen the rain_A_ccr.pdf1.2 MB
have you ever seen the rain_ccr_txt.pdf1.2 MB
have you ever seen the rain_G_ccr.pdf335 KB
have you ever seen the rain_rodstewart_txt.pdf1.4 MB
Have_You_Ever_Seen_the_Rain RodS-D.pdf48 KB
Have_You_Ever_Seen_the_Rain RodS.pdf48 KB
Have_You_Ever_Seen_the_Rain-A.pdf43 KB
Have_You_Ever_Seen_the_Rain-C.pdf43 KB
Have_You_Ever_Seen_the_Rain.pdf42 KB
haveyoueverseentherain_ccr_txt.pdf1.2 MB
haveyoueverseentherain_G_ccr.pdf335 KB
haveyoueverseentherain_rodstewart_txt.pdf1.4 MB
head over feet_alanismorissette_txt.pdf1.7 MB
headoverfeet_alanismorissette_txt.pdf1.7 MB
headsup_hedley_txt.pdf2.1 MB
Heart of gold – Neil young.pdf52 KB
Heart of gold – Neil young_txt.pdf52 KB
Heart of gold.pdf1.2 MB
Heart of gold2 – Neil Young.pdf109 KB
heart of gold2_neilyoung_txt.pdf377 KB
heart of gold_neil young (2).pdf541 KB
heart of gold_neil young.pdf35 KB
heart of gold_neilyoung.pdf117 KB
heart of gold_neilyoung_2txt.pdf1.3 MB
heart of gold_neilyoung_tab.pdf117 KB
heart of gold_neilyoung_txt.pdf377 KB
heart shaped box_nirvana_txt.pdf5.6 MB
Heart_of_gold.pdf42 KB
heartache_bonnie tyler.pdf1.6 MB
heartache_bonnietyler_txt.pdf1.6 MB
heartache_C- Bonnie Taylor.pdf1.7 MB
heartache_G- Bonnie Taylor.pdf21 KB
heartBreak Hotel.pdf44 KB
Heartbreaker_rv161_led zeppelin.pdf22.8 MB
heartofgold_neilyoung.pdf117 KB
heartofgold_neilyoung_2txt.pdf1.3 MB
heartofgold_neilyoung_tab.pdf1.3 MB
heartofgold_neilyoung_txt.pdf377 KB
heartshapedbox_nirvana_txt.pdf5.6 MB
heaven.pdf646 KB
Heaven_.pdf35 KB
heaven_bryanadams_txt.pdf2.0 MB
heavey metal_cowboysfringants_txt.pdf2.8 MB
heaveymetal_cowboysfringants_txt.pdf2.8 MB
hello.pdf455 KB
hello_capo4.pdf413 KB
hello_lionelritchie_txt.pdf840 KB
hells bells_acdc.pdf4.5 MB
helter skelter_rv110_beatles.pdf2.0 MB
here come the sun capo.pdf49 KB
here comes santa claus_elvis presley.pdf27 KB
here comes santa claus_elvis.pdf2.1 MB
here comes your man_pixies.pdf1.8 MB
here i go again_rv111_whitesnake.pdf19.5 MB
Here_I_Am_B.pdf31 KB
Hero (1).pdf52 KB
hero of war_rise against.pdf605 KB
hero.pdf58 KB
hero_enriqueiglesias_txt.pdf1.7 MB
hey baby_.pdf4.0 MB
hey baby_djotzi_txt.pdf1.1 MB
Hey Babyx.pdf56 KB
hey hey.pdf11 KB
hey hey_ericclapton_tab.pdf2.6 MB
Hey Ho.pdf60 KB
hey joe_jimihendrix_tab.pdf1.3 MB
Hey Jude – Beatles, The (2).pdf17 KB
hey jude_C_beatles_txt.pdf1.7 MB
Hey jude_D_beatles.pdf642 KB
hey jude_F_beatles_txt.pdf1.5 MB
hey soul sister_train_txt.pdf2.2 MB
hey soul_G_train.pdf621 KB
hey there delilah2_plainwhitets_txt.pdf2.3 MB
hey there delilah_plainwhitets_txt.pdf2.1 MB
hey tonight_ccr_txt.pdf925 KB
Hey Ya.pdf94 KB
hey you_bto_tab.pdf1.5 MB
Hey_Baby.pdf47 KB
Hey_Jude.pdf40 KB
Hey_You.pdf49 KB
heybaby_djotzi_txt.pdf1.1 MB
heyhey_ericclapton_tab.pdf2.6 MB
heyjoe_jimihendrix_tab.pdf1.3 MB
heyjude_beatles_C_txt.pdf1.6 MB
heyjude_C_beatles_txt.pdf1.7 MB
heyjude_F_beatles_txt.pdf1.5 MB
heysoulsister_train_txt.pdf2.2 MB
heytheredelilah2_plainwhitets_txt.pdf2.3 MB
heytheredelilah_plainwhitets_txt.pdf2.1 MB
heytonight_ccr_txt.pdf925 KB
heyyou_bto_tab.pdf1.5 MB
higher ground.pdf1.3 MB
Higher Power (Stevie Wonder).pdf32 KB
highway star_deep purple.pdf6.4 MB
Highway to hell_acdc.pdf2.4 MB
Highway_to_Hell.pdf45 KB
hippie hippie shape_tab.pdf1.5 MB
hippiehippieshape_tab.pdf1.5 MB
Hippy Hippy Shake.pdf25 KB
hit me with your best shoot_pat benatar.pdf979 KB
hit me with your best shoot_pat benatar_tab.pdf423 KB
hit me with your best shoot_tab_pat benatar.pdf423 KB
hit me with your best shot.pdf213 KB
hit me with your best shot_patbenatar_tab.pdf148 KB
hit the ground running_txt.pdf747 KB
Hit_me_With_Your_Best_Shot.pdf33 KB
hitmewithyourbestshot_patbenatar_tab.pdf148 KB
hitthegroundrunning_txt.pdf747 KB
ho hey.pdf431 KB
ho hey_the lumineers.pdf548 KB
hold the line.pdf707 KB
Hold_Back_The_River.pdf51 KB
Hold_The_Line (2).pdf54 KB
Hold_The_Line.pdf58 KB
hollow_godsmack_txt.pdf160 KB
holy diver_Dio.pdf3.7 MB
Home.pdf44 KB
Home_buble.pdf36 KB
home_philip philips.pdf17 KB
Honey I m Home – Lead Sheet.pdf117 KB
Honky_Tonk_Woman (2).pdf43 KB
Honky_Tonk_Woman.pdf39 KB
hoochie coochie man.pdf754 KB
hoochie_coochie_man.pdf492 KB
hoochiecoochieman.pdf204 KB
horse with no name.pdf11 KB
horse with no name2 – America.pdf102 KB
horse with no name2_america_txt.pdf2.2 MB
horse with no name_america_txt.pdf1.9 MB
horsewithnoname2_america_txt.pdf2.2 MB
horsewithnoname_america_txt.pdf1.9 MB
hot blooded.pdf402 KB
Hot_Blooded.pdf29 KB
Hot_Stuff-f#m.pdf46 KB
Hot_Stuff.pdf46 KB
hotel california solo.pdf1.7 MB
hotel california.pdf85 KB
Hotel California2 – Eagles.pdf113 KB
hotel california_Am_eagles_2txt.pdf734 KB
hotel california_Am_eagles_txt.pdf2.3 MB
hotel california_Bm_eagles_txt.pdf2.1 MB
hotel california_Em_eagles_rvtab.pdf40.2 MB
hotel california_Em_eagles_rvtab2.pdf24.3 MB
hotel california_Em_eagles_txt.pdf44 KB
hotel california_Em_intro_eagles_tab.pdf85 KB
hotel california_rv68_eagles.pdf5.5 MB
hotel california_solo_eagles_tab.pdf6.0 MB
hotel california_soloharm_eagles_tab.pdf1.4 MB
hotel california_solop1_eagles_tab.pdf1.5 MB
hotel california_txt.pdf44 KB
hotelcalifornia.pdf85 KB
hotelcalifornia_Am_eagles_2txt.pdf734 KB
hotelcalifornia_Am_eagles_txt.pdf2.3 MB
hotelcalifornia_Bm_eagles_txt.pdf2.1 MB
hotelcalifornia_eagles_txt.pdf241 KB
hotelcalifornia_Em_eagles_rvtab.pdf40.2 MB
hotelcalifornia_Em_eagles_rvtab2.pdf24.3 MB
hotelcalifornia_Em_eagles_txt.pdf44 KB
hotelcalifornia_Em_intro_eagles_tab.pdf85 KB
hotelcalifornia_solo_eagles_tab.pdf6.0 MB
hotelcalifornia_soloharm_eagles_tab.pdf1.4 MB
hotelcalifornia_solop1_eagles_tab.pdf1.5 MB
hotelcalifornia_txt.pdf44 KB
hound dog (2).pdf408 KB
hound dog.pdf370 KB
hound dog_elvis_tab.pdf1.6 MB
Hound_Dog-mn.pdf37 KB
hounddog_elvis_tab.pdf1.6 MB
Houng Dog.pdf16 KB
how high the moon.pdf105 KB
how high the moon_std.pdf94 KB
how sweet it is_jamestaylor_txt.pdf2.4 MB
how to save a life_thefray_txt.pdf2.9 MB
how you remind me.pdf512 KB
how you remind me_nickelback_txt.pdf2.7 MB
howhighthemoon.pdf105 KB
howhighthemoon_std.pdf94 KB
Howie day_collide.pdf1.5 MB
howsweetitis_jamestaylor_txt.pdf2.4 MB
howtosavealife_thefray_txt.pdf2.9 MB
howyouremindme_nickelback_txt.pdf2.7 MB
hoy.pdf816 KB
hurricane_bobdyland_txt.pdf3.1 MB
Hurt so good.pdf12 KB
hurt so good_G_john cougar.pdf788 KB
hurt so good_johncougar.pdf753 KB
hurt so good_johncougar_txt.pdf2.3 MB
Hurts so good2 – John Cougar Mellencamp.pdf116 KB
Hurts_so_Good-G.pdf44 KB
Hurts_so_Good.pdf45 KB
hurtsogood_johncougar.pdf753 KB
hurtsogood_johncougar_txt.pdf2.3 MB


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Titres I-LPoids
i can see clearly now.pdf361 KB
i can’t stop lovin’ you – Elvis.pdf83 KB
I can’t stop loving you.pdf15 KB
i cant stand the rain.pdf515 KB
i cant stand the rain_lucedufault_txt.pdf185 KB
i cant stop loving you.pdf431 KB
i do_colbie caillat.pdf515 KB
i dont want to miss a thing_aerosmith.pdf740 KB
i Feel Fine – Beatles.pdf109 KB
I Feel Fine.pdf55 KB
i feel good_pt.pdf21 KB
i got a woman.pdf942 KB
I gots you babe_sonny and cher.pdf2.1 MB
I just cant help believin.pdf389 KB
I ll Always Be There – Rock Voisine.pdf537 KB
i love rock and roll.pdf415 KB
i love rocknroll.pdf411 KB
i love rocknroll_joan jet_rv51.pdf13.1 MB
I m a believer_.pdf4.4 MB
I m a believer_smash mooth.pdf4.5 MB
i m the only one.pdf778 KB
I m yours – Jason Mraz.pdf113 KB
i m yours capo2_G.pdf149 KB
I m yours_jason mraz.pdf2.8 MB
i m yours_tab_jason mraz.pdf570 KB
I put a spell on you.pdf499 KB
i saw her standing there.pdf687 KB
i saw her standing there_beatles (2).pdf298 KB
I saw her standing there_beatles.pdf599 KB
I saw here standing there.pdf18 KB
I stand alone_godsmack.pdf2.9 MB
i think i love you too much.pdf515 KB
i think i love you too much_jeff healey.pdf512 KB
I Walk The Line – Lead Sheet.pdf86 KB
I walk the line – Johnny cash.pdf56 KB
I walk the line-A.pdf34 KB
i walk the line_johnnycash_txt.pdf408 KB
I wanna rock_twister sisters.pdf1.2 MB
I want to hold your hand.pdf49 KB
i want to hold your hand_beatles.pdf47 KB
I want you – Bob Dylan.pdf21 KB
i want you to want me_cheaptrick.pdf901 KB
i want you to want me_part.pdf711 KB
i want you to want me_tab_cheap trick.pdf1.4 MB
I want you_beatles.pdf289 KB
i was made for loving you.pdf1.6 MB
i was made for loving you_txt.pdf448 KB
I will survive (2).pdf20 KB
i will survive.pdf171 KB
i will survive_cake.pdf2.3 MB
I will wait.pdf88 KB
i will wait_mumford and sons.pdf562 KB
i wish_stevie wonder.pdf757 KB
i wonder A.pdf576 KB
i wonder G.pdf540 KB
I wonder x.pdf90 KB
I wonder2 – Bobby Bazini.pdf36 KB
i wonder_bobbybazini_C_txt.pdf553 KB
i wonder_bobbybazini_txt.pdf153 KB
I Wonder_F_Bobby Bazini.pdf45 KB
i Wonder_F_tab_Bobby Bazini.pdf154 KB
I wont give up2_Jason Mraz.pdf131 KB
I wont give up_jason mraz.pdf2.7 MB
I’ll_be_there_for_you-Bm.pdf47 KB
I’m a believer.pdf24 KB
I’m yours.pdf59 KB
I’m yours_jason mraz_la.pdf695 KB
I’m yours_jason mraz_si.pdf676 KB
I’m yours_jason mraz_sol.pdf696 KB
I’m yours_jason Mraz_sol2.pdf806 KB
I’m_a_believer.pdf41 KB
I’m_on_fire-G.pdf37 KB
I_can’t_keep_it_in.pdf44 KB
I_feel_Good.pdf46 KB
I_Got_a_Woman.pdf62 KB
I_Hate_Myself_For_Loving_You.pdf58 KB
I_Love_Rock’N_Roll (2).pdf45 KB
I_Love_Rock’N_Roll.pdf45 KB
I_m_yours_-_jason_Mraz.pdf37 KB
I_Saw_Her_Standing_There-D.pdf33 KB
I_Saw_Her_Standing_There-E (2).pdf33 KB
I_Saw_Her_Standing_There-E-mn.pdf34 KB
I_Saw_Her_Standing_There-E.pdf34 KB
I_Wanna_Grow_Old_With_You-G.pdf43 KB
I_Wanna_Grow_Old_With_You.pdf42 KB
I_Want_You_To_Want_Me-pierre.pdf34 KB
I_Want_You_To_Want_Me.pdf35 KB
I_Was_Made_For_Lovin’_You.pdf52 KB
I_Will_Always_Love_You.pdf44 KB
I_Will_Survive.pdf46 KB
I_wonder.pdf39 KB
icantstandtherain_lucedufault_txt.pdf185 KB
icky thump_rv178_white stripes.pdf7.3 MB
idontwanttomissathing_aerosmith.pdf740 KB
if i can dream.pdf835 KB
if i can dream_Bb.pdf829 KB
If I can dream_Bb_elvis.pdf703 KB
if I can dream_elvis.pdf760 KB
if today was your last day_NickelBack.pdf2.5 MB
if tomorow never comes_garth brook.pdf2.2 MB
if you love me.pdf1.1 MB
if you love me_elvis.pdf1.0 MB
If Your Not in it For Love – Lead Sheet.pdf163 KB
If_i_can_dream-Bb.pdf43 KB
If_i_can_dream.pdf42 KB
If_you’re_not.pdf46 KB
imagine.pdf44 KB
Imagine2_John Lennon.pdf122 KB
imagine_john lennon (2).pdf58 KB
imagine_john lennon.pdf29 KB
imagine_john lennon_B.pdf24 KB
imyours_jasonmraz.pdf786 KB
in bloom_Nirvana.pdf1.6 MB
in the ghetto.pdf808 KB
in the ghetto_elvis.pdf778 KB
In_The_Ghetto.pdf37 KB
insensitive_jann arden.pdf1.2 MB
into_white.pdf34 KB
Iris_goo ggo dolls.pdf2.6 MB
iris_googoodolls.pdf871 KB
Iron man_rv190a_black sabbath.pdf18.4 MB
island in the sun_weezer.pdf1.0 MB
Island_In_The_Stream.pdf43 KB
it hurt so bad.pdf251 KB
It’s a heartache – Bonnie Tyler.pdf168 KB
It’s a Heartache.pdf122 KB
It’s a heartache_G- Bonnie Taylor.pdf21 KB
it’s a heartache_pt.pdf17 KB
It’s_a_Heartache-C.pdf48 KB
It’s_a_Heartache-G.pdf43 KB
It’s_a_Heartache.pdf42 KB
It’s_my_party.pdf42 KB
It’s_Now_or_Newer-mn.pdf43 KB
It’s_Now_or_Newer.pdf40 KB
It’s_Only_Love.pdf43 KB
its my life2_bon jovi.pdf280 KB
its my life_bon jovi.pdf270 KB
Its now or never.pdf49 KB
its now or newer.pdf821 KB
its now or newer_elvis presley.pdf794 KB
its only love.pdf280 KB
iwalktheline_johnnycash_txt.pdf408 KB
iwantyoutowantme_cheaptrick.pdf901 KB
iwonder_bobbybazini_C_txt.pdf553 KB
iwonder_bobbybazini_txt.pdf153 KB
Jack_and_Diane.pdf47 KB
jailhouse rock.pdf393 KB
jailhouse rock_elvis.pdf355 KB
Jailhouse_Rock.pdf42 KB
jamesbond.pdf58 KB
jamesbond_std.pdf48 KB
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – Little Girl.pdf213 KB
Johnny B Good.pdf20 KB
johnny b goode elvis.pdf822 KB
johnny b goode.pdf822 KB
johnny b goode_intro_chuck berry.pdf518 KB
johnny b goode_rythm_chuck berry.pdf460 KB
johnny b goode_solo milieu_chuck berry.pdf395 KB
Johnny B. Good.pdf42 KB
Johnny B.Goode_chuck Berry.pdf602 KB
Johnny BGoode.pdf730 KB
johnny BGoode_chuck Berry.pdf636 KB
johnny BGoode_elvis.pdf730 KB
Johnny Cash – Kain.pdf396 KB
Johnny Cash – Ka´n.pdf396 KB
Johnny Cash – Kaïn.pdf396 KB
Johnny_B.Goode-Bb.pdf40 KB
Jolene-C.pdf37 KB
Jolene-D.pdf37 KB
Jump – Van Halen.pdf67 KB
Jump_rv60_van halen.pdf17.7 MB
just breath A.pdf470 KB
Just Breathe.pdf44 KB
just breathe_pearljam_txt.pdf373 KB
just Breathe_tab_Pearl Jam.pdf122 KB
just give me a reason_pink .pdf850 KB
just the way you are.pdf327 KB
Just_Breathe.pdf49 KB
Just_one_look-F.pdf44 KB
Just_one_look.pdf43 KB
justbreathe_pearljam_txt.pdf373 KB
karma cameleon.pdf10 KB
Karma_Charmeleon.pdf38 KB
killing me softly.pdf4.8 MB
killing me softly_aretha franklin.pdf646 KB
killing me softly_fugees.pdf547 KB
Kiss you inside out – Hedley & AndrÚ-Anne.pdf60 KB
Kiss you inside out – Hedley & André-Anne.pdf60 KB
Knock_on_wood (2).pdf37 KB
Knock_on_wood.pdf58 KB
Knock_on_wood_.pdf42 KB
Knockin on heaven’s door.pdf7 KB
Knocking on heavens door.pdf12 KB
knocking on heavens door_guns n roses.pdf387 KB
kriptonite.pdf766 KB
kriptonite_3doorsdown_txt.pdf267 KB
la grange_ZZ Top_rv122.pdf2.2 MB
Lady in red2.pdf540 KB
Lady_in_Red.pdf30 KB
Land slide_Dixie chicks.pdf708 KB
Land_of_confusion.pdf45 KB
Landslide_Dixie chicks.pdf708 KB
last kiss.pdf68 KB
last kiss_txt.pdf46 KB
lastkiss.pdf68 KB
lastkiss_txt.pdf46 KB
Layla.pdf17 KB
layla_eric clapton.pdf2.4 MB
Learn again – Bobby Bazini.pdf75 KB
Let it be2_Beatles.pdf178 KB
Let it be_beatles.pdf592 KB
let it rain_amanda marshall.pdf1.4 MB
let it snow.pdf135 KB
let it snow_std.pdf111 KB
Let’s_Twist_Again-C.pdf41 KB
Let’s_Twist_Again.pdf42 KB
Let_it_be.pdf44 KB
letitsnow.pdf135 KB
letitsnow_std.pdf111 KB
Lie to me2 – Jonny Lang.pdf100 KB
lie to me2_jonny lang.pdf1.9 MB
lie to me_jonny lang.pdf327 KB
life is a highway_tom cochrane.pdf534 KB
Life_is_a_Highway.pdf47 KB
Light my fire.pdf19 KB
light my fire_pt.pdf26 KB
Lightning crashes_live.pdf400 KB
like a rolling stone_bob dylan.pdf831 KB
like the way i do.pdf702 KB
like the way i do_melissa etheridge.pdf2.4 MB
Like_a_Rolling_Stone.pdf37 KB
Like_the_way_I_do.pdf27 KB
Linger – Cranberries.pdf639 KB
Lipstick_on_your_collar.pdf40 KB
Listen to the music (2).pdf16 KB
Listen to the music – The Doobie Brother.pdf33 KB
listen to the music.pdf446 KB
listen to the music_pt.pdf26 KB
Listen_to_the_music (2).pdf44 KB
Listen_to_the_music.pdf44 KB
little sister-tab.pdf344 KB
Little_sister.pdf39 KB
livin on a prayer_rv138_bon jovi.pdf1.7 MB
Livin on the prayer.pdf79 KB
Livin on the prayer_bon jovi.pdf76 KB
livin on the prayer_pierrei.pdf76 KB
Livin_on_a_prayer.pdf45 KB
Locked_out_of_heaven.pdf41 KB
Logical_Song.pdf46 KB
lonely_mattboggs_txt.pdf174 KB
Long Train Running (2).pdf57 KB
long train running (3).pdf695 KB
long train running.pdf309 KB
Long_Cool_Woman.pdf51 KB
Long_Time_Running_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf28 KB
Long_Train_Running (2).pdf45 KB
Long_Train_Running-Em.pdf42 KB
Long_Train_Running.pdf43 KB
Lookin Out My Backdoor_Bb_ccr.pdf1.9 MB
Lookin Out My Backdoor_G_ccr.pdf2.0 MB
Loosing my religion.pdf38 KB
Loosing my religion2 – REM.pdf109 KB
Loosing my religion2_rem.pdf4.1 MB
loosing my religion_rem.pdf60 KB
loosingmyreligion_rem.pdf807 KB
Losing my religion2 – REM.pdf109 KB
Lost in France – Bonnie Tyler.pdf179 KB
Love her madly.pdf41 KB
love hurts_part_nazareth.pdf843 KB
Love is in the air – martin stevens.pdf217 KB
Love is in the air.pdf20 KB
Love is in the air_martin stevens.pdf250 KB
love me tender (2).pdf416 KB
love me tender.pdf416 KB
Love me tender_elvis.pdf369 KB
love me tender_std.pdf77 KB
Love me two times.pdf44 KB
love me two times_bass_thedoors.pdf1.1 MB
love me two times_the doors.pdf1.2 MB
love me two times_thedoors.pdf696 KB
love me two times_thedoors_txt.pdf1.1 MB
love me.pdf412 KB
love me_elvis.pdf405 KB
Love_Hurts.pdf46 KB
Love_is_in_the_air.pdf49 KB
Love_Me_-_Elvis-pierre.pdf44 KB
Love_Me_Tender.pdf41 KB
lovemetender.pdf87 KB
lovemetender_std.pdf77 KB
lovemetwotimes_thedoors_txt.pdf1.1 MB
lover of mind.pdf753 KB


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Titres M-RPoids
Maggie May – Rod Stewart.pdf94 KB
Maggie May.pdf50 KB
maggie may_D_rod stewart.pdf2.1 MB
maggie may_rod stewart.pdf2.7 MB
maggie mayE_rod stewart.pdf19 KB
Maggie_May.pdf37 KB
malted milk.pdf297 KB
maltedmilk.pdf417 KB
mama i m coming home_ozzyosbourne_txt.pdf385 KB
mama i’m coming home_ozzy osbourne.pdf663 KB
mamaimcominghome_ozzyosbourne_txt.pdf385 KB
mamaimcominghome_pzzyosbourne_txt.pdf385 KB
Man I Feel Like A Woman – Lead Sheet.pdf165 KB
man i feel like a woman.pdf45 KB
Man on the moon.pdf16 KB
man on the moon_rem.pdf68 KB
Man_I_feel_like_a_woman-G.pdf50 KB
Man_I_feel_like_a_woman.pdf50 KB
maybe__secondhandseranade_txt.pdf258 KB
me and bobby mcgee D.pdf790 KB
me and bobby mcgee G.pdf713 KB
Me and bobby Mcgee.pdf46 KB
Me and Bobby McGee2 – Janis Joplin.pdf121 KB
me and bobby mcgee2_janisjoplin_txt.pdf854 KB
me and bobby mcgee_C.pdf29 KB
me and bobby mcgee_D_janis japlin.pdf3.3 MB
me and bobby mcgee_D_janis joplin.pdf3.3 MB
me and bobby mcgee_janisjoplin_txt.pdf395 KB
me and mrs jones_billy paul.pdf647 KB
Me_and_Bobby_Mcgee-C.pdf40 KB
Me_and_Bobby_Mcgee-G-A.pdf40 KB
Me_and_Bobby_Mcgee.pdf33 KB
meandbobbymcgee_janisjoplin_txt.pdf854 KB
Medley Elvis.pdf24 KB
medley teddy bear dont be cruel_elvis.pdf752 KB
medley teddy bear et dont be cruel.pdf849 KB
message in the bottle.pdf418 KB
miss murder_afi.pdf2.9 MB
miss murder_tab_afi.pdf2.9 MB
moment of truth_fm static.pdf522 KB
money.pdf42 KB
money2_rv110_pink floyd.pdf4.7 MB
Money_For_Nothing.pdf44 KB
money_rv110_pink floyd.pdf4.7 MB
money_std.pdf38 KB
moon shadow.pdf58 KB
Moon_Shadow.pdf41 KB
Moondance.pdf44 KB
moondance_van morrisson.pdf605 KB
moondance_van morrisson2.pdf605 KB
Moonshadow2 – Cat Steven.pdf109 KB
more than a feeling_tab_boston.pdf78 KB
more than a feeling_txt_boston.pdf49 KB
more than words.pdf603 KB
more than words_D.pdf545 KB
More_Than_Words-D.pdf39 KB
More_Than_Words_G.pdf39 KB
morethanafeeling.pdf238 KB
morethanafeeling_txt.pdf49 KB
morning as broken_cat steven.pdf1.5 MB
Morning_As_Broken.pdf38 KB
Morrison’s_Jig.pdf44 KB
Moves_Like_Jagger.pdf41 KB
mr crowly_ozzy osbourne.pdf4.4 MB
mr crowly_tab_ozzy osbourne.pdf4.4 MB
Mr jones_counting crows.pdf608 KB
Mrs robinson_A_simon and garfunkel.pdf640 KB
Mrs Robinson_D_Simon Garfunkel.pdf713 KB
Mrs robinson_E_simon garfunkel.pdf731 KB
Mrs. Robinson.pdf22 KB
Mrs_Robinson.pdf45 KB
mustang sally.pdf358 KB
Mustang_Sally (2).pdf35 KB
Mustang_Sally-mn.pdf36 KB
Mustang_Sally.pdf34 KB
my body_young and the giant.pdf2.2 MB
my curse_rv168_killswitch engage.pdf2.4 MB
my favorite mistake.pdf520 KB
my heroine_silverstein.pdf668 KB
my my hey hey_neil young.pdf618 KB
my right_screeching weasel.pdf378 KB
My Way – Lead Sheet.pdf119 KB
my way.pdf339 KB
My_Body.pdf46 KB
My_Boy_Lollipop.pdf40 KB
My_Girl.pdf43 KB
My_Lady_D’Arbanville.pdf51 KB
My_music_at_work_-_Tragically_hip.pdf42 KB
My_way-pierre.pdf39 KB
Mysterious_Ways.pdf41 KB
mystery train_elvis.pdf674 KB
mystery train_tiger man.pdf753 KB
Natural Woman ( Francklin ) – Lead Sheet.pdf85 KB
Natural_Woman-C (2).pdf34 KB
Natural_Woman-C.pdf35 KB
naturel woman.pdf684 KB
Nautical_Disaster_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf24 KB
Never – Heart.pdf88 KB
never gonna be alone_nickelback.pdf703 KB
never let you go_justin beiber.pdf753 KB
Never_gonna_give_you_up.pdf39 KB
Never_tear_us_apart.pdf42 KB
nevergonnabealone_nickelback.pdf703 KB
New Orleans is sinking.pdf46 KB
new orleans is sinking_tragically hip.pdf664 KB
new orleans is sinking_tragically hip2.pdf551 KB
new orleans is sinking_txt_tragically hip.pdf662 KB
New year’s day.pdf14 KB
New york new york.pdf35 KB
New york new yorkcapo4.pdf37 KB
New_Orleans_is_Sinking_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf43 KB
newer_heart.pdf2.1 MB
no mans land.pdf482 KB
no mans land_beverly knight.pdf1.5 MB
no more blues.pdf1.5 MB
no surprise_dauthry.pdf1.8 MB
No woman no cry – Bob Marley.pdf67 KB
No_Woman_no_cry.pdf39 KB
not mean to be_theoryofdeadman_txt.pdf186 KB
Not ready to make nice – Dixie Chicks.pdf703 KB
nothing but a good time_rv92_poison.pdf2.8 MB
nothing compares to you.pdf448 KB
nothing else matter_metallica.pdf4.5 MB
nothing else matter_txt_metallica.pdf528 KB
nothings real but love_rebecca ferguson.pdf1.7 MB
notmeantobe_theoryofdeadman_txt.pdf186 KB
November rain_Guns n roses.pdf815 KB
ocean avenue_rv98_yellowcard.pdf2.6 MB
oh darling_beatles.pdf1.8 MB
oh happy day_elvis.pdf362 KB
oh very young_cat stevens.pdf516 KB
old man_neil young.pdf590 KB
old school_hedley_txt.pdf259 KB
Old_time_rock_n_roll (2).pdf39 KB
Old_time_rock_n_roll-Twist_shout.pdf49 KB
Old_time_rock_n_roll.pdf37 KB
oldmacdonald.pdf52 KB
oldmacdonald_std.pdf46 KB
oldschool_hedley_txt.pdf259 KB
on the road again_willie wilson.pdf1.3 MB
one night.pdf368 KB
One.pdf61 KB
One2 – U2.pdf384 KB
One_.pdf37 KB
One_night.pdf45 KB
one_u2.pdf59 KB
one_u2_txt.pdf355 KB
open arms.pdf588 KB
over the rainbow.pdf720 KB
paradise city_guns n roses.pdf1.5 MB
paradise city_rv205_guns n roses.pdf5.3 MB
paradise_coldplay.pdf2.2 MB
paranoid_black Sabbath.pdf1.8 MB
Patience.pdf460 KB
patience_guns and roses.pdf556 KB
peace train_cat stevens.pdf545 KB
Peace_Train.pdf51 KB
peaces sells_rv12_megadeth.pdf36.2 MB
Perfect-G.pdf48 KB
Perfect.pdf48 KB
photograph-NickelBack.pdf577 KB
Piano man2 – Billy Joel.pdf132 KB
piano man_billy joel.pdf71 KB
pianoman_txt.pdf71 KB
picture.pdf612 KB
Picture2 – Kid Rock Sheryl Crow.pdf206 KB
picture_kidrock_sherilcrow_txt.pdf704 KB
Piece of my heart (Janis).pdf32 KB
piece of my heart.pdf484 KB
Piece_of_my_heart.pdf41 KB
pieces_sum41.pdf945 KB
please dont leave me_pink_txt.pdf249 KB
please mr jailer_cry baby.pdf575 KB
please please please_the smith.pdf371 KB
please release me (2).pdf406 KB
Please release me.pdf23 KB
please release me_elvis.pdf368 KB
please release me_tab.pdf405 KB
please release me_txt.pdf56 KB
Please_Mr_Postman.pdf39 KB
pleasedontleavme_pink_txt.pdf249 KB
pour some sugar on me_def leppard.pdf1.9 MB
Pour_Some_Sugar_On_Me-Bm.pdf59 KB
Pour_Some_Sugar_On_Me.pdf59 KB
prendreunenfant_txt.pdf39 KB
Pretty Woman tab..pdf59 KB
pretty woman_roy orbison.pdf2.2 MB
pretty woman_std.pdf47 KB
Pretty_Woman-mn.pdf46 KB
Pretty_Woman.pdf47 KB
prettywoman.pdf59 KB
prettywoman_std.pdf47 KB
pride and joy.pdf612 KB
Pride and Joy_rv174_stevie Ray Vaughn.pdf2.2 MB
pride and joy_rv74_stevie Ray Vaughn.pdf1.9 MB
Proud mary TT.pdf42 KB
Proud Mary.pdf44 KB
Proud Mary2 – CCR.pdf229 KB
Proud Mary2 – Ike Tina Turner.pdf182 KB
Proud mary_B_ccr.pdf60 KB
proud mary_ccr.pdf609 KB
proud mary_elvis.pdf433 KB
proud mary_elvis_D.pdf728 KB
proud mary_tab.pdf433 KB
Proud_Mary-D.pdf46 KB
Proud_Mary.pdf49 KB
Proud_Mary_Tina_Turner.pdf49 KB
pround mary elvis.pdf450 KB
pround mary.pdf450 KB
purple rain.pdf356 KB
Purple_Rain.pdf27 KB
put your head on my shoulder_paul anka.pdf20 KB
Red Red Wine – UB40.pdf150 KB
red red wine_Db_UB40.pdf2.6 MB
Red Red Wine_UB40.pdf152 KB
redemption song_bob marley.pdf603 KB
Rehab_.pdf37 KB
Relator2 – Pete Yorn.pdf253 KB
relax my beloved_alex clare.pdf561 KB
Renagades.pdf24 KB
Respect ( Aretha Franklin ) – Lead Sheet.pdf77 KB
Respect-B7.pdf39 KB
Respect-Bb.pdf45 KB
Respect-E7.pdf39 KB
respect.pdf777 KB
Revolution_beatles.pdf4.1 MB
Ring of Fire ( Cash ) Lead Sheet.pdf108 KB
ring of fire capo 1.pdf15 KB
Ring of fire.pdf810 KB
ring of fire_johnny cash.pdf603 KB
Ring_Of_Fire-pierre.pdf40 KB
Ring_Of_Fire.pdf30 KB
ringoffire_johnnycash.pdf555 KB
Rip_it_up-mn.pdf35 KB
River_Deep_Mountain_High.pdf50 KB
road house blues.pdf11 KB
road house blues_std.pdf53 KB
Roadhouse blues.pdf37 KB
roadhouseblues.pdf60 KB
roadhouseblues_std.pdf53 KB
roadhouseblues_tab_the doors.pdf35 KB
rock and roll band_boston.pdf3.2 MB
rock n me.pdf266 KB
rock n roll all nite_kiss.pdf544 KB
rock n roll all nite_rv170_kiss.pdf4.9 MB
Rock Steady – Lead Sheet.pdf123 KB
rock this town -stray cats.pdf198 KB
Rock This Town.pdf45 KB
rock this town_stray cats.pdf200 KB
rock You Like A Hurricane chords.pdf140 KB
rock You Like A Hurricane solo.pdf155 KB
Rock’N’Roll.pdf51 KB
Rock_around_the_clock-mn.pdf38 KB
rocket man.pdf495 KB
rocket man_sylvain cossette.pdf2.2 MB
Rocket_Man.pdf38 KB
rockin in the free world_neil young.pdf660 KB
rockstar_nickelback.pdf1.1 MB
Roland – Fred Pellerin.pdf2.5 MB
rolling in the deep.pdf452 KB
Rolling in the deep2 – Adele.pdf208 KB
rolling in the deep_adele.pdf73 KB
Rolling in the deep_Cm_adele.pdf1.5 MB
Rolling in the deep_tab_adele.pdf1.5 MB
Roxanne (2).pdf12 KB
Roxanne-Gm.pdf44 KB
Roxanne-Pierre.pdf32 KB
roxanne.pdf209 KB
Run that body down2 – Paul Simon.pdf136 KB
run to the hills_rv124_iron maiden.pdf17.3 MB
run to you – bryan adams.pdf706 KB
run to you_bryan adams.pdf707 KB
Runaway train.pdf16 KB
runaway train_pt.pdf19 KB
runaway train_soul asylum.pdf1.1 MB
Runaway-Am-mn.pdf43 KB
Runaway.pdf44 KB


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Titres S-ZPoids
sad lisa_catsteven.pdf405 KB
Sad_Lisa.pdf35 KB
sadlisa_catsteven.pdf405 KB
san francisco bay blues_ericclapton.pdf608 KB
san francisco_maxime leforestier.pdf621 KB
sanfrancisconbayblues_ericclapton.pdf608 KB
santa claus is coming to town.pdf132 KB
santa claus is coming to town_std.pdf107 KB
santa claus is coming to town_txt.pdf56 KB
santa monica_theoryofadeadman_txt.pdf123 KB
santaclausiscomingtotown.pdf132 KB
santaclausiscomingtotown_std.pdf107 KB
santaclausiscomingtotown_txt.pdf56 KB
santamonica_theoryofadeadman_txt.pdf123 KB
satin doll.pdf146 KB
satin doll_std.pdf122 KB
satindoll.pdf146 KB
satindoll_std.pdf122 KB
Satisfaction (2).pdf45 KB
Satisfaction.pdf45 KB
Satisfaction1.pdf47 KB
satisfaction_rolling stones.pdf651 KB
satisfaction_std.pdf37 KB
say it aint s0_rv26_weezer.pdf2.1 MB
Scared_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf38 KB
seek and destroy_metallica.pdf4.6 MB
seekanddestroy_metallica.pdf4.6 MB
Selling the Drama.pdf25 KB
SENSATION – Robert Charlebois.pdf32 KB
Set Fire to the Rain – Adele.pdf136 KB
seven nation army_whitestripes.pdf1.5 MB
sevennationarmy_whitestripes.pdf1.5 MB
Sexy and I know it_Noah.pdf133 KB
Shake_rattle_n_roll-mn.pdf48 KB
Sharp dressed man_zz top.pdf12.6 MB
She’s like the wind.pdf13 KB
She’s_Like_The_Wind.pdf38 KB
She_Drives_me_crazy.pdf26 KB
shes everything_brad paisley.pdf603 KB
Shinedown – Simple Man.pdf340 KB
should i stay or should i go.pdf61 KB
Should_I_stay_or_Should_I_go.pdf40 KB
show me the way_peterframton.pdf691 KB
Show_me_the_way C.pdf54 KB
Show_me_the_way.pdf53 KB
showmetheway_peterframton.pdf691 KB
Silver wings2 – Garrett Hedlund.pdf268 KB
silverbells.pdf115 KB
silverbells_std.pdf94 KB
Simple man2 – Shinedown.pdf599 KB
since i ve been loving you_led zeppelin.pdf5.0 MB
since i’ve been loving you_led zeppelin.pdf5.0 MB
Singing all day2 – Jethro Tull.pdf1.1 MB
Sitting on the dock of the bay.pdf1.5 MB
sitting on the duck of the bay_otis redding.pdf26 KB
sitting on the duck of the bay_otisredding.pdf574 KB
sitting waiting wishing_jack johnson.pdf632 KB
sittingfontheduckofthebay_otisredding.pdf574 KB
smell like teen spirit2_nirvana.pdf623 KB
smell like teen spirit_rv126_nirvana.pdf2.1 MB
SMILE.pdf43 KB
smoke on the water.pdf46 KB
smoke on the water_deep purple.pdf2.4 MB
smoke on the water_std.pdf39 KB
smokeonthewater.pdf46 KB
smokeonthewater_std.pdf39 KB
smooth_bass_santana.pdf3.4 MB
smooth_tab_santana.pdf13.1 MB
snow hey oh_rv171_red hot chili pepers.pdf2.5 MB
so far away_avanged sevenfold.pdf2.2 MB
so nice to meet you_ian lee.pdf642 KB
Solsbury_Hill (2).pdf39 KB
Solsbury_Hill.pdf40 KB
Some_Kind_Of_Wonderfull.pdf42 KB
Somebody that I used to know – Gotye.pdf126 KB
somebody to love_queen.pdf640 KB
Somebody.pdf47 KB
someday my prince will come.pdf115 KB
someday my prince will come_std.pdf97 KB
someday_nickelback_txt.pdf357 KB
somedaymyprincewillcome.pdf115 KB
somedaymyprincewillcome_std.pdf97 KB
someone like you.pdf619 KB
someone like you_adele.pdf2.3 MB
Something about the way you look tonight – Elton John.pdf554 KB
something stupid_robbie williams and niciole Kidman.pdf2.2 MB
Somewher_over_the_rainbow.pdf40 KB
somewhere Over the rainbow.pdf30 KB
Son of a bitch (1).pdf47 KB
Son of a bitch.pdf44 KB
Song 2.pdf11 KB
Song sung blue_roch voisine.pdf446 KB
song two_pt.pdf15 KB
Space oddity2 – David Bowie.pdf350 KB
space oddity_david Bowie.pdf582 KB
Space_Oddity.pdf45 KB
stairway to heaven.pdf286 KB
stairway to heaven_rv44_led zeppelin.pdf3.5 MB
stairway to heaven_txt.pdf43 KB
Stairwaytoheaven txt.pdf29 KB
stairwaytoheaven.pdf286 KB
stairwaytoheaven_txt.pdf43 KB
stanby_me.pdf38 KB
Stand by me.pdf18 KB
stand by me_john lennon.pdf23 KB
stand by me_johnlennon_txt.pdf38 KB
Stand_by_me.pdf23 KB
Stand_by_me_-_julian_Lennon.pdf41 KB
standbyme_johnlennon_txt.pdf38 KB
stare at the sun_thrice.pdf485 KB
Start me up.pdf40 KB
start me up_pt.pdf26 KB
Start_me_up.pdf29 KB
Stay the night – james Blunt.pdf742 KB
stay the night_G_james blunt.pdf2.3 MB
stay together for the kid_rv66_blink182.pdf11.2 MB
staythenight_jamesblunt.pdf725 KB
steamroller blues.pdf786 KB
steamroller blues_elvis.pdf660 KB
still got the blues_gary more.pdf3.5 MB
still lovin you.pdf27 KB
still lovin you_scorpions.pdf1.2 MB
still loving you.pdf782 KB
Still loving You_Scorpions.pdf1.3 MB
still waiting_sum41.pdf7.5 MB
Stolen Dance-claude.pdf36 KB
stolen dance.pdf239 KB
Stone cold crazy_Queen.pdf3.2 MB
stormy monday.pdf279 KB
stuck in the middle with you_pt.pdf28 KB
stuck in the middle with you_steelerswheel.pdf620 KB
Stuck In The Moment_Justin Bieber.pdf905 KB
Stuck_in_the_middle_with_you.pdf46 KB
stuckinthemiddlewithyou_steelerswheel.pdf620 KB
suite madame blue.pdf311 KB
suite madame blue_txt.pdf95 KB
suitemadameblue.pdf311 KB
suitemadameblue_txt.pdf95 KB
sultans of swing_direstraits.pdf736 KB
sultansofswing_direstraits.pdf736 KB
summer girl_Leigton Meester.pdf702 KB
Summer of 69.pdf95 KB
summer of 69_B_bryan adams.pdf62 KB
Summer of 69_Bryan Adams.pdf55 KB
Summer of 69_G_bryan adams.pdf86 KB
summer paradise_simple plan.pdf618 KB
Summer_Of_69 (2).pdf43 KB
Summer_Of_69-B.pdf44 KB
Summer_Of_69.pdf44 KB
summerof69.pdf335 KB
summerof69_txt.pdf55 KB
Summertime.pdf700 KB
summertime_Am.pdf488 KB
Summertime_Blues-G.pdf45 KB
sunday Bloody Sunday_f#m.pdf43 KB
Sunday Bloody Sunday_Gm.pdf65 KB
sunday bloody sunday_u2.pdf2.2 MB
Sunday_Bloody_Sunday-Am.pdf40 KB
Sunday_Bloody_Sunday.pdf45 KB
Sundown_.pdf36 KB
surfing with the alien_rv157_joe satriani.pdf37.9 MB
Suspicious Mind ( Elvis ) Lead Sheet.pdf146 KB
suspicious mind – Elvis.pdf110 KB
suspicious mind.pdf27 KB
suspicious mind_elvis presley.pdf24 KB
suspicious mind_elvis.pdf783 KB
suspicious mind_tab.pdf440 KB
Suspicious Minds.pdf35 KB
Suspicious_Mind-A.pdf44 KB
Suspicious_Mind.pdf43 KB
Suspicious_Mind_.pdf42 KB
suzie Q_ccr.pdf503 KB
Swallowtail_Jig.pdf42 KB
Sway.pdf55 KB
sweet caroline.pdf446 KB
sweet caroline_elvis.pdf395 KB
sweet child io mine_guns and roses (2).pdf2.4 MB
sweet child io mine_guns and roses.pdf2.4 MB
Sweet Child O Mind.pdf179 KB
sweet child o mine_bass_guns and roses.pdf2.1 MB
sweet child o mine_guns and roses.pdf2.4 MB
sweet child o mine_rv99_guns and roses.pdf4.8 MB
sweet child o mine_sheryl crow.pdf628 KB
Sweet Child O.pdf166 KB
Sweet Child O_A.pdf156 KB
sweet dream.pdf42 KB
sweet dream_std.pdf36 KB
sweet home alabama.pdf609 KB
sweet home alabama_lynyrd skynyrd.pdf93 KB
sweet home alabama_txt.pdf65 KB
Sweet Home Chicago.pdf23 KB
Sweet home Chicago2 – Peter Green.pdf502 KB
sweet home chicago_petergreen_txt.pdf417 KB
sweet home chocago.pdf457 KB
Sweet_Caroline.pdf39 KB
Sweet_Child_O_mine Sheryl (2).pdf40 KB
Sweet_Child_O_mine Sheryl – Copie.pdf40 KB
Sweet_Child_O_mine Sheryl.pdf40 KB
Sweet_Child_O_mine.pdf47 KB
Sweet_Child_O_mine_Guns.pdf46 KB
Sweet_Home_Alabama (2).pdf51 KB
Sweet_Home_Alabama.pdf51 KB
Sweet_home_Chicago.pdf51 KB
sweetdream.pdf42 KB
sweetdream_std.pdf36 KB
sweethomealabama_txt.pdf65 KB
sweethomechicago_petergreen_txt.pdf686 KB
sweethomechocago_petergreen_txt.pdf417 KB
Swing life away2 – Rise Against.pdf453 KB
swing life away_riseagainst.pdf832 KB
swinglifeaway_riseagainst.pdf832 KB
Sympaty for the devil.pdf61 KB
Symphony of destruction_Megadeth.pdf2.2 MB
Take it easy2 – Eagles.pdf159 KB
take it easy_eagles.pdf4.5 MB
take me away_lifehouse.pdf727 KB
Take me home – Ian Kelly.pdf434 KB
take me home _Ian Kelly.pdf664 KB
takemeaway_lifehouse.pdf727 KB
Taking care of business.pdf414 KB
Taking care of business_bto.pdf387 KB
Taking_Care_Of_Business.pdf49 KB
Talkin bout a revolution2 – Tracy Chapman.pdf186 KB
Tears in Heaven.pdf48 KB
tears in heaven_eric clapton.pdf123 KB
tears in heaven_txt.pdf85 KB
Tears_in_Heaven.pdf45 KB
tearsinheaven.pdf323 KB
tearsinheaven_txt.pdf85 KB
tell it like it is.pdf394 KB
Tell_it_like_it_is-mn.pdf46 KB
Tennessee_Wiskey-A-B.pdf44 KB
Tennessee_Wiskey-C.pdf43 KB
Tennessee_Wiskey.pdf43 KB
tequila sunrise_eagles.pdf1.7 MB
Tequila_Sunrise.pdf41 KB
thank you for loving me_bon jovi.pdf2.5 MB
That Don t Impress me Much – L. Sheet.pdf110 KB
that will be the day_pt.pdf12 KB
That’ll_be_the_day.pdf40 KB
That’s all right.pdf39 KB
that’s alright.pdf22 KB
that’s how i got to memphis_E_roch voisine.pdf382 KB
that’s how i got to memphis_roch voisine.pdf385 KB
That_don’t_impress_me_much-TAB.pdf53 KB
That_don’t_impress_me_much.pdf46 KB
That_don’t_impress_me_much_cm.pdf48 KB
thats allright.pdf402 KB
thats how i got to memphis_E_roch voisine.pdf382 KB
thats how i got to memphis_roch voisine.pdf385 KB
the a team_ed sheeran.pdf820 KB
The anthem_rv81_good charlotte.pdf26.5 MB
The best of my love2 – Eagles.pdf426 KB
the best_tina turner_txt.pdf245 KB
The blackthorn stick.pdf44 KB
the boxer.pdf730 KB
the boxer_mumford son.pdf773 KB
the boxer_simon garfunkel.pdf447 KB
the christmas song.pdf183 KB
the christmas song_std.pdf151 KB
the christmas song_txt.pdf40 KB
the first cut is the deepest_tab.pdf273 KB
the first cut is the deepest_txt.pdf49 KB
The great escape.pdf57 KB
The joker – Steve Miller Band.pdf72 KB
The joker2 – Steve Miller Band.pdf70 KB
The joker2_Steve Miller Band.pdf70 KB
the last worthless_donhenley_txt.pdf218 KB
the lazy song_bruno mars.pdf2.5 MB
the man who sold the world_nirvana_tab.pdf933 KB
the messiah will come again_roy buchanan.pdf391 KB
the middle_jimmy eat world.pdf1.8 MB
The number of the beast_Iron maiden.pdf4.2 MB
the power of love.pdf648 KB
The scientist.pdf60 KB
the shadow of your smile.pdf153 KB
the shadow of your smile_std.pdf132 KB
The sound of silence.pdf103 KB
the sound of silence_simonandgarfunkel.pdf17 KB
the spirit of the radio_rush.pdf4.0 MB
The wall.pdf6 KB
the way i loved you_taylorswift_txt.pdf210 KB
the way you lie.pdf313 KB
The way.pdf28 KB
the weekend whip_the fold.pdf838 KB
the weight.pdf26 KB
the wind_cat stevens.pdf636 KB
the wonder of you tab.pdf375 KB
The_Best.pdf47 KB
The_connaught_mans_rambles.pdf44 KB
The_First_Cut_Is_The_Deepest.pdf41 KB
The_Gambler.pdf38 KB
The_Hucklebuck-Ab.pdf39 KB
The_Hucklebuck.pdf40 KB
The_lazy_song.pdf30 KB
The_man_who_sold_the_world.pdf42 KB
The_Messenger.pdf40 KB
The_one_that_I_want (2).pdf35 KB
The_one_that_I_want.pdf38 KB
The_rakes_of_Kildare.pdf45 KB
The_safety_Dance.pdf42 KB
The_Scientist.pdf29 KB
The_Sound_Of_Silence.pdf48 KB
The_Wind.pdf36 KB
The_wonder_of_you.pdf42 KB
thebest_tinatirner_txt.pdf245 KB
thebestofmylove2_eagles_txt.pdf739 KB
thebestofmylove_eagles_txt.pdf755 KB
thechristmassong.pdf183 KB
thechristmassong_std.pdf151 KB
thechristmassong_txt.pdf40 KB
thefirstcutisthedeepest.pdf273 KB
thefirstcutisthedeepest_txt.pdf49 KB
thelastworthless_donhenley2_txt.pdf193 KB
thelastworthless_donhenley_txt.pdf218 KB
themanwhosoldtheworld_nirvana_tab.pdf933 KB
then i kissed her_beachboys_txt.pdf180 KB
thenikissedher_beachboys_txt.pdf180 KB
theorie_numero2.pdf11.9 MB
theshadowofyoursmile.pdf153 KB
theshadowofyoursmile_std.pdf132 KB
thesoundofsilence_simonandgarfunkel.pdf563 KB
thespiritoftheradio_rush.pdf4.0 MB
thewayilovedyou_taylorswift_txt.pdf210 KB
Think ( Blues Brothers ) Lead Sheet.pdf133 KB
Third Man Theme Anthon Karas.pdf175 KB
this aint a love song_bon jovi.pdf675 KB
this dream that i had.pdf667 KB
This is me_Demi Lovato.pdf678 KB
This old guitar2 – Neil Young.pdf117 KB
this old guitar_neilyoung_txt.pdf230 KB
thisoldguitar_neilyoung_txt.pdf634 KB
thisoldguitar_neilyoung_txt2.pdf230 KB
through glass_rv184_stone sour.pdf2.9 MB
thunderstruck_rv197_acdc.pdf11.5 MB
Ticket to ride.pdf49 KB
Ticket_To_Ride.pdf47 KB
time Pink Floyd.pdf38 KB
Time F#m.pdf67 KB
time of your life Good riddance2 – Greenday.pdf101 KB
time of your life_greenday.pdf24 KB
Time-pink floyd.pdf60 KB
Time.pdf31 KB
Time_After_Time.pdf43 KB
timeofyourlife_greenday.pdf611 KB
Timing is everything2 – Garrett Hedlund.pdf51 KB
Tin man2 – America.pdf110 KB
Titanium-E.pdf27 KB
TNT_acdc.pdf2.2 MB
To be with you_G.pdf39 KB
To love somebody (1).pdf70 KB
To love somebody.pdf74 KB
To_Love_Somebody (2).pdf44 KB
To_Love_Somebody.pdf35 KB
Tonight s the night2 – Rod Stewart.pdf307 KB
Too drunk to fuck_rv64_dead kennedys.pdf16.9 MB
torn_nathalie imbruglia.pdf681 KB
touch too much_acdc.pdf1.4 MB
Trouble.pdf40 KB
trouble_cat stevens (2).pdf502 KB
trouble_cat stevens.pdf502 KB
true romance_silverstein.pdf915 KB
True_Colors.pdf37 KB
Try_.pdf38 KB
Tuesday’s_Dead.pdf40 KB
turn me on_bobby Bazini.pdf228 KB
turn the page_metallica.pdf682 KB
turn_me_loose.pdf80 KB
turn_me_loose2.pdf120 KB
Tush.pdf38 KB
tush_zztop.pdf2.3 MB
Twist and shoot.pdf38 KB
Twist and Shout – Beatles.pdf92 KB
twist and shout.pdf404 KB
Twist and Shout_Beatles.pdf125 KB
Twist_and_Shout-D.pdf44 KB
Twist_and_Shout.pdf44 KB
two tickets to paradise.pdf195 KB
unchained melody_sol.pdf128 KB
unchained melody_sol_acc.pdf209 KB
unchained melody_sol_acc_std.pdf209 KB
Unchained my heart.pdf959 KB
unchainedmelody.pdf125 KB
unchainedmelody_C.pdf125 KB
unchainedmelody_sol.pdf114 KB
unchainedmelody_sol_acc.pdf230 KB
unchainedmelody_sol_acc_std.pdf209 KB
unchainedmelody_sol_std.pdf109 KB
unchainedmelody_std.pdf102 KB
Under the bridge_redhotchilipepers.pdf2.9 MB
Under_The_bridge.pdf41 KB
unforgettable-F.pdf35 KB
unholy confessions_avenged sevenfold.pdf2.4 MB
until the day i die_rv102_story of the year.pdf2.8 MB
Until the day I die_story of the year.pdf3.8 MB
Up – Lead Sheet.pdf156 KB
Up_where_we_belong.pdf44 KB
Upside Down.pdf16 KB
Upside Down_tab_Jack Johnson.pdf125 KB
Us and Them – Pink Floyd.pdf48 KB
Us and them.pdf56 KB
us and them_tab.pdf130 KB
us and them_txt.pdf70 KB
usandthem.pdf130 KB
usandthem_txt.pdf70 KB
use somebody_tab.pdf956 KB
Venus-Am.pdf40 KB
Venus.pdf53 KB
Viva la vida2 – Coldplay.pdf164 KB
Viva_la_vida.pdf28 KB
vivi la vida_coldplay.pdf656 KB
vivi la vida_coldplay2.pdf769 KB
vivilavida_coldplay.pdf656 KB
vivilavida_coldplay2.pdf769 KB
Voodoo child_jimi hendrix.pdf3.7 MB
vuelve reik.pdf598 KB
waiting on a friend_rollingstone_txt.pdf85 KB
waiting_city and color.pdf455 KB
waitingonafriend_rollingstone_txt.pdf85 KB
Wake me up – Avicii.pdf30 KB
Wake me up before you gogo-E.pdf45 KB
wake me up when sept ends.pdf390 KB
wake me up when sept ends_green day.pdf69 KB
wake me up when sept ends_txt.pdf66 KB
Wake me up when september ends.pdf29 KB
wake me up when september ends_rv138_green day.pdf1.6 MB
wake me up.pdf484 KB
wake me up_Avicii.pdf484 KB
wake up_arcade fire.pdf370 KB
Wake_up_litle_Suzie-D (2).pdf44 KB
Wake_up_litle_Suzie-D.pdf45 KB
Wake_up_litle_Suzie-E.pdf45 KB
wakemeup.pdf390 KB
Walk the line.pdf48 KB
walk this way_rv54_aerosmith.pdf18.2 MB
walk_foo fighters.pdf1.0 MB
walking on sunshine.pdf389 KB
Walking_On_Sunshine.pdf25 KB
wanted dead or alive.pdf709 KB
wanted dead or alive_bon jovi.pdf4.8 MB
warning.pdf69 KB
warning_std.pdf59 KB
wathsup_fournonblonde_G_txt.pdf703 KB
we are all on drug_weezer.pdf1.8 MB
We are young_Fun.pdf127 KB
we re i’m gonna take it.pdf771 KB
we will rock you_rv58_queen.pdf475 KB
we wish you a merry christmas.pdf84 KB
we wish you a merry christmas_std.pdf74 KB
we’re im gonna take it.pdf766 KB
weare the world_michaeljackson_txt.pdf447 KB
wearetheworld_michaeljackson_txt.pdf447 KB
welcome to my life_simple plan.pdf773 KB
welcome to the jungle_guns n roses.pdf5.0 MB
welcome to the jungle_gunsandroses.pdf2.4 MB
welcometomylife_simpleplan.pdf771 KB
were im gonna take it.pdf749 KB
Were_not_gonna_take_it.pdf50 KB
wewishyouamerrychristmas.pdf84 KB
wewishyouamerrychristmas_std.pdf74 KB
What do you got – Bon Jovi.pdf589 KB
what i say.pdf11 KB
what i say_pt.pdf11 KB
what is love_never shout never.pdf614 KB
What s up2 – Four Non Blondes.pdf254 KB
What’s_love_got_to_do.pdf39 KB
What’s_Up-Ab.pdf33 KB
What’s_Up-D.pdf33 KB
What’s_Up.pdf33 KB
What_a_wonderful_world-capo5.pdf35 KB
What_a_wonderful_world.pdf37 KB
whats up.pdf555 KB
whats up_fournonblonde_G_txt.pdf703 KB
whats up_fournonblonde_txt.pdf546 KB
whatsup_fournonblonde_G_txt.pdf703 KB
whatsup_fournonblonde_txt.pdf546 KB
Wheat_Kings_-_Tragically_Hip.pdf47 KB
when a man love a woman_michaelbolton_txt.pdf293 KB
when a man loves a woman.pdf675 KB
When I come around.pdf26 KB
When i come around_pt.pdf28 KB
when i look at you_mileycirus_txt.pdf359 KB
when i was your man_bruno mars.pdf641 KB
When I’m gone.pdf24 KB
when the man comes around_johnny cash.pdf650 KB
When the night feel my song.pdf54 KB
When you re gone – Bryan Adams.pdf390 KB
when you re gone.pdf399 KB
when youre gone.pdf388 KB
when youre gone2.pdf390 KB
When_something_is_wrong_with_you_baby.pdf49 KB
When_You’re_Gone.pdf39 KB
whenamanloveawoman_michaelbolton_txt.pdf293 KB
whenilookatyou_mileycirus_txt.pdf359 KB
whenilookatyou_milleycyrus_txt.pdf359 KB
Where do the children play.pdf43 KB
where do the children play_cat stevens.pdf28 KB
where I m gonna live.pdf27 KB
where i m gonna live_billy ray cirus.pdf1.6 MB
Where I’m gonna live.pdf30 KB
where I’m gonna live_billy ray cirrus.pdf59 KB
Where the street have no name.pdf160 KB
where the street have no name_u2.pdf1.7 MB
Where The Streets Have No Name – U2.pdf30 KB
Where The Streets Have No Name_U2.pdf474 KB
Where_do_The_Children_Play.pdf46 KB
while my guitar gently weep_beatles_txt.pdf104 KB
while my guitar gently weeps.pdf130 KB
while my guitar gently weeps_acc.pdf242 KB
while my guitar gently weeps_acc_std.pdf202 KB
While my guitar gently weeps_beatles.pdf59 KB
while my guitar gently weeps_std.pdf121 KB
While my guitar gentlyweeps.pdf26 KB
While_my_guitar.pdf41 KB
whilemyguitargentlyweep_beatles_txt.pdf104 KB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps.pdf130 KB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_acc.pdf242 KB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_acc_std.pdf202 KB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_std.pdf121 KB
whilemyguitargentlyweeps_txt.pdf43 KB
whispering_alex clare.pdf594 KB
white christmas_elvis presley.pdf25 KB
white christmas_elvis.pdf1.4 MB
who ll stop the rain_ccr_txt.pdf96 KB
who made who_acdc.pdf2.9 MB
who made who_p5.pdf637 KB
who will you run to_heart_txt.pdf160 KB
Who’ll_Stop_The_Rain-G.pdf44 KB
Who’ll_Stop_The_Rain.pdf43 KB
whollstoptherain_ccr_txt.pdf96 KB
whowillyourunto_heart_txt.pdf160 KB
Why d you lie_colin james.pdf629 KB
wicked game.pdf529 KB
wicked game_chris isaak.pdf794 KB
Wild World (1).pdf1.5 MB
Wild World.pdf134 KB
wild world_cat stevens.pdf39 KB
wild world_txt.pdf80 KB
Wild_world.pdf43 KB
wildwood flowers_reese whiterspoon.pdf331 KB
wildworld.pdf391 KB
wildworld_txt.pdf80 KB
Wind_Of_Change.pdf44 KB
wish you were here solo.pdf86 KB
wish you were here.pdf340 KB
Wish you were here2 – Pink Floyd.pdf318 KB
wish you were here_pink floyd.pdf117 KB
wish you were here_txt.pdf58 KB
Wish you where here.pdf20 KB
Wish_you_were_here.pdf46 KB
wishyouwerehere.pdf340 KB
wishyouwerehere_txt.pdf58 KB
wishyouwereheresolo.pdf86 KB
With_a_little_help_from_my_friends.pdf43 KB
With_Arms_Wide_Open.pdf43 KB
Woman.pdf34 KB
woman_wolfmother.pdf1.0 MB
Wonderwall.pdf41 KB
Wonderwall_E.pdf35 KB
wonderwall_oasis.pdf112 KB
working class hero_greenday.pdf723 KB
Working for the weekend – LoverBoy.pdf64 KB
working for the weekend_tab_loverboy.pdf1.7 MB
Working_for_the_weekend.pdf67 KB
You and your heart2 – Jack Johnson.pdf242 KB
you and your heart_jackjohnson.pdf707 KB
You are my sunshine.pdf54 KB
You are my sunshine_Fdiese.pdf36 KB
you can sleep while i drive_melissaeetheridge_txt.pdf197 KB
you dont have to say you love me_elvis.pdf777 KB
you dont have to say.pdf820 KB
You dont know2 – Milow.pdf243 KB
you dont know_milow.pdf705 KB
You got it.pdf29 KB
you got it_roy orbison.pdf784 KB
you had a bad day_daniel powter.pdf795 KB
you re beautiful_james blunt.pdf657 KB
You re still the one – Shania Twain.pdf440 KB
you re still the one i love.pdf563 KB
you really got me (2).pdf9 KB
You really got me.pdf387 KB
you shook me all night long (2).pdf43 KB
you shook me all night long.pdf413 KB
you shook me all night long_acdc.pdf3.4 MB
you’re beautiful_james blunt.pdf657 KB
You’re_Sixteen-F.pdf42 KB
you’re_still_the_one_I_love.pdf23 KB
you’ve got a friend.pdf571 KB
You’ve got to hide your love away.pdf48 KB
You’ve_Got_a_Friend.pdf44 KB
You’ve_lost_that_loving_feeling.pdf43 KB
You_ain’t_seen_nothing_yet.pdf55 KB
You_dont_have_to_say_you_love_me-F.pdf47 KB
You_dont_have_to_say_you_love_me.pdf47 KB
You_give_love_a_bad_name.pdf42 KB
you_make_me_feel-C.pdf36 KB
You_May_Be_Right.pdf49 KB
You_Really_Got_Me-G.pdf45 KB
You_Really_Got_Me.pdf46 KB
You_Shook_me_all_night_long (2).pdf54 KB
You_Shook_me_all_night_long-B.pdf56 KB
You_Shook_me_all_night_long-G.pdf56 KB
You_Shook_me_all_night_long.pdf54 KB
youandyourheart_jackjohnson.pdf707 KB
youcansleepwhileidrive_melissaeetheridge_txt.pdf197 KB
youdontknow_milow.pdf705 KB
your betrayal_rv208_bullet for my valentine.pdf12.2 MB
your call_secondhand serenade.pdf980 KB
your ghost_greglaswell_txt.pdf174 KB
Your sixteen_pt.pdf18 KB
your smiling face-D.pdf40 KB
Your_Song (2).pdf31 KB
Your_Song.pdf37 KB
yourghost_greglaswell_txt.pdf174 KB
youve got a friend_james taylor.pdf663 KB
youve lost that lovin feeling.pdf776 KB
youve lost that loving feeling_elvis.pdf675 KB
Zombie – Cranberries.pdf31 KB
Zombie Fm.pdf44 KB
Zombie-Bm.pdf43 KB
Zombie.pdf43 KB
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